Zildjian zxt

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I'm playing on by a set of Zildjian ZXT's in the very near future, and I just want to get some input on weither these cymbals are a good buy or not.
Im playing on getting.
16" Rock Crash
18"Rock Crash
20"Rock Ride
14"Rock Hi-Hat
and a 16" or 18" China.
Oh yeah and im a heavy hitter and will be play hardcore and metal on these. So are they durable?


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The crash's sound really good, cuz they are loud! I had em' but broke em' in like 6 months. The hi-hats sound rad too! I just never liked the way the ride sounded, I still use my ZBT ride! 20"

its worth buying them for the Crash cymbols alone!


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if you're really serious about drumming spend the extra money and go with a higher line cymbal. zxt's are still pretty low line zildjian cymbals.

remember, you get what you pay for. if the price is fairly cheap, the product is usually fairly cheap


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They were my first cymbal set until I heard how good Sabian AAs sound... I broke the 16" Crash in a couple of months and I hate the ride especially. If you want good, lower-priced cymbals, I recommend Sabian B8s, they're amazing for the price, but Zildjian's sheet cymbals are really bad. Their cast stuff is amazing tho, not dissing Zildjian.


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the only zxt i have is a 14 inch trashformer and that is one awesome cymbal... trashy crash/special effect cymbal. worth the 70 bucks i paid for it.

also if your bent on a sheet cymbal, try the zht's... from what ive heard theyre very nice for sheet cymbals. i own the 8'' splash and it rocks. :D


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I played ZXTs for a while, and what I can tell you is that they do sound cheap. I would play ZXTs over ZBTs any day, but I would say it would be worth the money to get a little bit higher grade cymbals... You will be glad you did in a few years. There's no use in buying cheaper cymbals just to replace them after a year or two because you want something better... go to a shop and try out some cymbals and find some you like and then try and figure out if you can swing the price.


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i own four zxt cymbals.
16 and 18 inch rock crashes
8 and 12 inch fast splashes

just to tell you, like most cymbals, they kinda need "broke in." at first the crashes sound kinda ringing and annoying, but after a week of playing they open up and become a bit more washy, but still maintain their intense volume, biting sound, and fantastic durability. i prefer the splashes cause they're nice and splashy and fast. the 12 is perfect for a nice blendy crash in parts. i also own zbt hats and a ride. i actually dig the ride cause it was inexpensive but deffienetly not bad. real defined sound, sweet ass bell. the crashes i cracked quickly. but of course, if you have a bunch of money go for some higher end zildjians. i actually love the wide variety of plain old avedis zildjian line cymbals. the crashes are great, like the medium crash, joygasm all the time. but yeah, i love zxt's. i'd love to pickup a 12inch zxt china, or a trashformer. and maybe a 14 inch thin crash.


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i have a friend with an 18" zxt rock crash that has a rip halfway through it. even without the crack, though, they still sound horrible.