Zildjian ZHT Mastersound High-Hats

i am thinking of buyind these high hats on musician friends but i just want to know if any of you used these before. are they worth the money? or should i save up for somthing better? i currently have Sabian B8 Hi Hats. They are great hats buy i prefer Zildjian Hats

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I own these hats too, I also upgraded from Sabian B8 hats. I bought these becuase I am not ready to spend $239+ for an upper end hi hat but I needed something that sounds better. The ZHT Mastersounds are sheet bronze unlike the A and Z nad K Zildjiians and Customs that are Cast Bronze so the ZHT's aren't gonna be as strong. But they sound great for the $$. They're a higher, brighter sound that the Sabian B8 hats. You should go in to your local Guitar Center and play a set adn see if you like the sound.
In my opinion if you got the cash just go with some A customs or Z customs or soemthing like that if you want professional sounding hats. If you want the best bang for the buck then you can't go wrong with the ZHT's. I personally like Sabian better so I'm looking in that route, but I bought the ZHT's for now and I LOVE the sound.


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a custom mastersounds sound amazing but my favorite wavy edged hats are the paiste 2002 soundedges. theyre a ton of money but they sound absolutely amazing. imo, if youre going to upgrade then you should get something high end, not another set that will need to be replaced soon.