Zildjian Z custom


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yea those cymbals pack some power, i use one along with a K custom along with a pasite 2002 and a sabian dark ride. it sounds awesome. great for heavier parts


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I use 16,18,19 and 20 inch Z custom rock crashs. I love them. Z customs will cut steal! and man can they take a beating.


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I really like the sound of Z custom crashes. I just can't get over how long the decay is on them. No doubt about it though. Those cymbals can cut though anything!


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I used to have a Z Custom 16" rock crash, but I got rid of it because it drowned out the rest of my kit.

I think unless you're playing large venues, the Z Custom range is a bit too over-powering

black sparkle

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Has anybody tried the Z custom mastersound hats? I was thinking of mixing z custom mastersound bottom with a new beat top. Any thoughts??