Zildjian Trashformer


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In my opinion the trashformer is a kind of cymbal you have to try out before buying because you can either hate it or love it


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I had played it before and I think it has its place. But like loop said, I think you should play it first and also try 2 or 3. I tried several and no one sounds the same.

But I think is a very cool addition; it's like a china between a crash.

hope it helps.


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If your'e looking for a trashy crash, there are other cymbals from other manufacturers which have this sound:
Istanbul Agops Turk crashes- a crash with trashy responses,
Agops Trash hits
Sabians O-zone crashes- They sound quite trashy(at least for me)
Sabians Jojo Mayer Signature Fierce Crash- a beautiful crash that sounds more trashy than his china ;)
Bosphorus Stanton Moore Trash-Crash

I also believe(correct me if I'm wrong) that Steve Smith is using a trashformer with his fusion gig, so check out his CD's and DVD for that sound.


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Oriential Crash of Droom has a great dark, trashy sound to it. I have a 20 inch and I can say it works great for me playing live :-D


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i have a cracked 16" Platinum Rock Crash (zildjian), on top of UFIP cracked 13" heavy hi-hat bottom, and they're both sittin' on a cracked 18" K medium thin crash. Now THAT is trashy. Cracked cymbals rule!


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If I recall correctly, last time, when I hit one, I didn't like the sound much. Also, it is quite nice with all the colours! ^_^


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Well that is a cool cymbal.. I like the combo of the trashformer 16" bottom and 14" hi-hat top together... sounds cool. I heard Mike Mangini play this at a drum clinic. Or if your looking for trashy sound buy any sabian.