Zildjian Scimitar hi-hats


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zildjian scimitars are begginer cymbals. I've heard them, I've played them - not good in my opinion.


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ah ok

I thought europe was set back ones more with new stuff acorrding to the amrican market


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i highly dont recommend these cymbals. especially the crash's, they sound horrible, like Loop said, they are beginner cymbals.
if u want good entry level cymbals for a cheap price, avoid the scimitar series and go for Planet Z or Zbt. they are a hugh difference!

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Hihats are too important to your sound in my opinion to have junk.

You would be better saving and picking up something that compliments your sound then settling for junk.

Scimitars really were junk. One step above what were competing at the time with them... Camber.

My ears hurt just thinking about them.

If you are looking for a cheap B Zildian cymbal, the Amir and Amir II series were more of an upper class B series cymbal that didnt sound bad and are still around even though they havent made them in years (Like the Scimitars).


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I own a pair of Schimitar Hi-hats. I accidently took the protective coating off and let the grime build up on them. They sound better than most hi-hats i've heard. If I were given the chance to trade them for any higher model, I probably would keep them simply because they work perfectly with my kit and I love how they sound.

so...it's all a matter of personal tastes. Go check them out before you let people knock them.
i had a pair ,didnt do me any good not the sound i was looking for on hats

so i sold them on Ebay for 35.00

but everybody has there on cymbals Preffrance


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I have heard some horrible sounding Scimitar hi-hats, but mine sound great! I dont know why, but they have great wash and dont sound like tin. I wouldnt trade them for any hi hats in the world. Mine came in a pre pack I bought 10 years ago... way before I ever had a drumset. I loved the crash til it broke, and I still also use the ride too. Not the best ride, but works for me and doesnt sound like a plate. I've played others' cymbals like Scimitars Bronze and the like and they sounded like ass. you're really just gonna have to hit em yourse;f to decide if you want em.

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Zildjian made a few serries of low level cymbals back in the late 80's/early 90's. Amir & Scimitar. Amir was a little better, few more pennies, and Scimitar was their lowest line of cymbals. They were made of good material, solid Bronze, but they were all mass produced and machine manufacter with no real special touch. Cymbal packs in general are the cheaper way to go. This was starting to get big about 20 years ago. Parents bought thier kids a drum set, and a cymbal pack with hi-hats, ride, and crash. Today's technology is a lot better sounding. Cymbal packs today are less expensive, and some sound pretty darn good. Sabian is the best at it. B8, B8 Pro, ZBT, XS, all are not to bad for a low price.


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1 Word.... CRAP. I got some of these hats around 20 years ago as a gift and they sound like trash can lids. I learned a lesson from a very wise drummer once. The drums can be tuned and manipulated....cymbals cannot. So spend as much as you can on good brass. Happy drumming.


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Schimitars were not exactly that great sounding, ZBTs are a step up but really not a lotta sound definition. And the less said about Camber the better, although their hi hats were not too bad. Their crashes didn't have much of a crash, more like a Boing :roll:

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RSmith":1clsma6z said:
And the less said about Camber the better, although their hi hats were not too bad. Their crashes didn't have much of a crash, more like a Boing :roll:
Lol. Thats so true.


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Everybody has a point here but my first pair of hats were scimitars and I liked them alright but my Ride was an Amir and if I didn't crack it, I would probably still be using it, It had a different sound, kinda quick too. But the sabian lower line cymbals are better even though I only buy Ziljian A's and Z's. I love the way K's sound but I break them more. The best sounding Hi-hats are K's in my opinnion.


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Yes Begginer cymbals,those were my first set of cymbals in 1990,as a matter of fact they are not made anymore,basycally they were the competitor of the sabian b8's,now zildjian has the zbt's,and zxt's if im not mistaking,same thing just different model and year and more type sizes and shapes available .

id save some money and get a a custom pack or sabians aax's


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i gave my scimitars away to a local music store. i think they ended up getting 20 bucks for them. they were way to clanky sounding
Scimitars were discontinued by Zildjian. I actually own and use a pair of them on my kit. I picked them up used at the music store, cleaned them up a bit. They sound alright. They're my right side hi hats, so they dont get used too often