Zildjian A, Zildjian Z, OR Zildjian Avedis


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Im getting new cymbals soon And i was wondering; which is better, whats the difference between avedis and A's, which one sounds better, how the zildjian Z mega bell ride, zildjian A sizzle ride, and 12 " mastersounds sound.

Rob Crisp

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Ok, Z Custom is for really heavy rock and frankly I don't like. Too hard and harsh.

A Custom, top of the range cymbal very versitile and generally lass likely to crack than Z.

Avedis, again very high quality, a more of a classic/vintage sound than A Custom which are brighter.

Personally I use a combination of A, A custom, K and K Customs.

Mastersounds are the high hats witha rippled edge, designed to allow air to escape quicker and give more of a tight "chick" sound when closed with a foot.

I have A Custom 14" Mastersound hats and I very much like.

But although I have 99.9% Zildjian, there are loads of other great cymbals around, some pricey, some not so.

Trick is to buy the ones that fit your setup, regardless of make or series!


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I've used custom a's for a while now and there is absolutely no better cymbal in my opinion for the kind of music I play. I play mostly Alternative, Christian Rock, and a little Punk. They sound perfect for that kind of music. I play some harder stuff too and I'm getting a 19" Meinl Mb20 19" Crash.


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The A zildjian is a really bright sounding cymbal that sounds great for recordings and live shows but the thin ones seem to breake easy and the hi-hats they make for the A series are bad ass. Z-customs are a great cymbal they have a very heavy sound to them and can cut thorugh anything thing but the only problem is that they are a little too loud for recording but sound good a live shows.


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I have all of the above but my got to series is th A's and A customs. The Z's I only use at louder venues. very versatile in sound and volume. P.O.Y!