ZIldjian A Custom Rezo Crashes


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Anyone had a chance to try these out yet? I'm in the market for a new 19" crash and this one caught my eye ...


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I have played the 18 and to me it had the explosive sound of a Z-custom crash cymbal
mixed with the A-custom sounds.


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I played a few of the Rezos. Most recently, this past Saturday, I bought a new Zildjian A Custom 19" crash. While there I once again auditiomed the Rezo 19" but it did not match my other Custom As I bought with me. I also tried the A Custom Projector. To my ears the Standard A Custom had a much more full bodied sound to it.

I do like the looks of the Rezo series but the sound just didn't match up in my opinion.



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I tried basically almost all of them, ranging from 15" to 20". I really like the tone of them, darker than the usual A Customs but they're quite pricey. The 18"
and 20" are great!


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i was looking into getting the 20" and ive heard good things about it but i really want to play it before i buy it