Zildjian A custom cymbal or Z custom Rock ???


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What would be the main difference between a Zildjian A custom cymbal and a Zildjian Z custom Rock? thanks, Bruce

Rob Crisp

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Best thing to do, hit a couple and see for yourself.

If it was down to me, I'd go A Custom everytime. Z's are heavy and hard and have more tendacy to break than A's.

I personally think the tone of an A Custom is nicer and it will also serve you in more musical situations than a Z. If you buy Z it's going to be for very heavy rock, simple as. An A Custom could cross genres to funk, jazz, pretty much whatever you like. So if you want that flexibility, go A Custom.

Right now I use an 18" K Custom Dark Crash and I generally play heavy rock. I like it so why not?



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A customs are WAAAAAY more versatile than Z customs. i just bought an A custom and i couldnt be more happy with it. honestly my favorite cyumbal on my set.


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i bought an 18" a custom projection crash and an 16" a custom fast crash not long ago. i put em next to some z's in the shop and they blew them away. so much more versatile. i play in a metal band and a pink floyd cover band works both ways haha