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Today I went to the new Guitar Center store that they just made here in Moosic PA. I was there checking out cymbals and came across this Zildjan 16" thin crash... all I can say is 'thin it was'. The thing sounded great but I knew by hitting this thing it would not with stand 3 blows of me striking this thing. Does anyone use these thin cymbals? or how many of you Zildjan users break these A customs?


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I've always played Zildjian A cymbals. IMO the Thins and Medium Thins are actually really nice cymbals with great bright tones but they're not for bashing at all.

Lots of drummers with get brighter cymbals and bash the crap out of them.
And being that they're brighter, they're more attractive to buyers.

Since I use a Medium Thin, I don't ride on it, I only use it for a crash. I'll ride on my Medium Ride and my A Custom Crash if it's time for a heavy part of a song.
I'll use my Thin Crash kinda as a role of a Splash cymbal.

So, get it to use for tasteful use in different parts of a song, but not to ride on.


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for a thin cymbal the A Zildjian 16 inch crash is awsome. I used to have one that survived five plus years of bashing it. And it held up great, with no cracks whatsoever. And that was the days I used to use Graphic drumsticks about twenty years ago.


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I use A customs. I love the sound but find they do crack after a while. I've not found any thicker cymbals that I think sound as good though so I'll have to put up with it.


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A customs is all i ever used. to break one of these things takes s much time i thin the earliest i broke one was in 2 years. i just love ths sound if your playing right its such a nice tone. besides if your getting them from guitar center get the warranity then you can always get a new one if it breaks.


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I have owned a 15in Zildjian A Custom Fast Crash for about a year or so now, and have put it through pretty much constant use, and she's doing absolutley perfect, not a crack on it.

I also have a 16 inch Zildjian Thin Crash which I have owned for around 3 years now, and the same story applies. No cracks at all.

I'm not exactly your hardest cymbal basher in the world, but I put my cymbals through decent beatings, and I'm extremely satisfied with the durability (and sound) of these two that I own. I also use tons of sticks, from light jazz ones to heavy rock ones, and I also use the butt ends of them too.
I guess this is a little off topic, but...
I play metal(lamb of god style if you will) So I need a musical cymbal , so A Customs it will be, when I get extra $$...but do these also work for different styles, like from country to jazz? I kinda becoming a better "all round" drummer.


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I have a 14'' A Custom and I agree the thing sounds amazing. Even though the A Customs are thin, the one I have actually lasted longer than my Zildjian ZXT Rock crashes. The ZXT's lasted less than a year and the A Custom still remains uncracked. And I play speed metal!!!! The A Custom is a great cymbal and I definitely recommend getting one.


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I love my 18" A Custom Crash. Another drummer at my school has the same cymbal that has a bunch of cracks on the edges, I don't know how he managed to do that, mine's a strong cymbal. But any thin cymbal is likely to crack.

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Hey, I've broken my A custom 18" crash (6 cracks and a wedge taken out of it) after 6 months of playing and it still sounds awesome. I've got a projection aswell that will hopefully stand the tests of time that I've had for 3 months that is probably better for my bashing. But I'm thinking of getting the thicker A zildjian rock crash in 18" and replace my A custom. It might die in the ass soon.


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U can't go wrong with a Rock Crash. Had a 16 inch rock crash for 20 plus years and it's still in one piece and I do have a 18 inch rock crash for that perfect sound while jamming and playing live. It cuts through the loudest amps from what I heard.


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My school kit his a medium thin crash. I love the way it sounds. bright and beautiful. but it is thin, and its only the medium thin one! i would love to have one but would worry too much about it holding up.
I have read this a number of times in the forum and I don'tget it at all. How can anyone break the ZXT's???? The are soo thick, and awful sounding, if you break those, I don't think you would want to spend all the X-tra money on "better" cymbals. I guess what Im saying is, learn to hit a cymbal!


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IMO - A customs are the best sounding cymbal made. but for the way I play, I have to use Z custom crashes. They sound great but not as great as A customs. The A customs were breaking after 6 or 7 months so I started buying Z custom crashes and they last me over a year.


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The thin cymbals are not really for hard hitting but if you want to buy them and hit them hella hard you can always put warrenty on them. or i would say that you try some z-custom crash they dont crack as easy as the thin A-custom crash would :D :D