zero rack toms

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This summer in Connecticut, I saw a punk band. I don't recall the name, but the drummer didn't have any rack toms (sort of) what he had was what looked like a 18'' floor tom in its regular place and a 16'' floor tom on a snare stand where a rack to usually would be. Don't know why I thought of this, but figured I'd bring it up. Anyone else see/do anything like this before?


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The only drummer I've ever seen that does that is Terron Gully (I think its spelled that way)

Never tried it.


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How did he get a floor tom in that spot without hitting the bass drum?

And I've seen no rack toms, but not another floor tom instead.


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at my old school,
the school was too poor (or well, they didn't care about the music area) to own a proper drum kit.
instead, they had a kit which someone donated them several years ago.

last year I was the big band drummer and i had to play on this really crappy kit.

the kit toms (12" and 13") that were meant to connect to the bass drum, but their connection piece missing (i dont know what it's called) but instead, the 12"+13" toms were put on spare snare stands and placed BEHIND the bass drum.

this meant i had to stretch me arms right out just to get a decent fill in..

anyways, i dont know if this is the same kinda thing that you were talking about,
but anyways, theres a story for ya...


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I sometimes take a kit with just a floor tom to gigs. The rack toms are so overrated sometimes.

It's not a musical statement. I'm just lazy. :)

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I think I've seen guys do that before.
I wouldn't mind trying out a kit with two floors and no racks.
Virgin bass drum and all. :lol:


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For sure, a previous band experience involved my kit being set up with a 16" floor as the "high" tom, and a 22" gong drum as the "floor" tom.

It was pretty cool to look at, sounded just like it looked, but was sorta difficult to groove fills on. *shrug*

It was fun.


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Sure... I've been playing this way for 10 years now. I have a 24"kick, 14"x5.5" snare, 16x16 tom on a snare stand, and a 18x16 floor. I have no problem playing all styles of fills. Though it did take a little while to develope my speed. You are not limited at all. I find it makes me more creative. Though I am 6'7" tall, so I have know problem with reach. Your mounted floor is a little offset to the left, but it really isn't that bad.

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when i was much younger i mounted a 16x14 floor tom ON my bass drum and had an 18x16 floor tom. i thought it was going to be so damn cool.... yeah, not so much. it was pretty lame now that i think about it. it was way too heavy and it kinda bent some of my mounting hardware.


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ive seen something similar done before, except there was no second floor tom. chris pennie formerly of the dillinger escape plan played live shows with no rack toms, just a floor tom (cant recall the actual size of the floor tom). its pretty common amongst jazz drummers i think.


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Haha, a while back, I was experimenting with kit setups, and I had it down to Bass, Snare, and Hats. That was it. Haha, I came up with some dope rhythms mixing the snare and bass. Here's an idea, start with that, and every week or so, add a cymbal, or a tom. That brought my drumming level way up.

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Dale from the Melvins has used that set up for years,
Dave Grohl used to use that set up in the early Nirvana days too

I would love to try it,


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I use it when I play quieter rock shows or jazz gigs. Its really cool. I think it makes you think more about what youre doing, makes you be more creative becuase you dont have 458745 cymbals and drums to just wail on.



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I like a lot of rack tom's ala Portnoy(Mike),(Smith(Neal), Moon(Kieth) and Appice(Carmine and Vinnie), so I can't even imagine having no rack tom's. I've always just liked having lots of different sounds and effects at my disposal. Nothing against those who play small kits. I'm equally at home on a five piece kit with a ride and a crash, I just love the possibilities available to me on a huge kit. I bet those 16" and 18" converted floor toms sound really good. I saw Ed Cassidy from the 60's band Spirit several years ago and he had these huge concert bass drums mounted like rack toms on either side of his Rogers kit. The sound was incredible.


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pow3rtr1p":k7hlqwrm said:
How did he get a floor tom in that spot without hitting the bass drum?

And I've seen no rack toms, but not another floor tom instead.
probably pushed it further left (kinda like the shannon larkin deal)