Z custom cymbals


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I've heard the horror stories about the Z Customs breaking all the time...and that they're only good for heavy and hard playing. After 1st buying a 19'' Z Custom Medium Crash....I loved it so much....I filled out my set almost completely with Z medium customs. I've found them to be very versatile....and extremely durable. Just like with drums...there is a such thing as "overkill" when striking them.....and there is a point where you won't get anymore out of the cymbal or drum by hitting it harder. I think the trick is all in the technique. I've had guys play my set and cymbals....bashing away with "reckless abandon"....only to have me play after them....and impress the hell out of them that I'm getting just as much power and volume....with what looks like minimal effort.

I have yet to break or damage any of my Z customs...which are mediums...not the heavy rocks....and I play them pretty hard the majority of the time. I opted for an "A" ride....the Z Mega Bell was impressive...but too "specific" for me..not really versatile enough.

Here's my cymbal setup...which changes depending on the gig.
14'' Z Custom Mastersound Hi-Hats (main hats)
14'' ZBT Hi-Hats (aux. hats mounted near ride)
12'' Z Custom Medium Splash
16'' Z Custom Medium Crash
17'' Z Custom Medium Crash
18'' Z Custom Medium Crash
19'' Z Custom Medium Crash
21'' A Medium Sweet Ride
18'' Z Custom China
20'' Z Custom China
6'' Zil-Bel (x 2)
9-1/2'' Zil-Bel
12'' Wuhan China (x 2)