Your ultimate dream lesson


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A couple nights ago, my sax player brought this gem up at dinner: "If you could spend a day with any drummer past or present and really have a chance to pick their brains, and be right next to them as they played watching how they did whatever, who would it be?"

I'd have to say Buddy circa 1952. He just had this incredible sound and fluidity on those old Verve records.


dave lynch

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As much as I love Buddy Rich, that is if you could bring someone back to life..!!
I think it would be Steve Smith..he is still one of my favorites and I believe if you ask for 1 hr of his time he would give you 4...!!

Rob Crisp

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Brilliant question and it's really hard to think of just one!

I really like greg Bisonnette, he's a great guy as well as outstanding player. So I'm going with him.


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I saw his name mentioned earlier, Mike Johnston. Check him out on youtube, he seems like a real good teacher and plays the kind of music I'm interested in.


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I've already had it. Last week at the Guitar Center I work at, we had the store finals for the 2007 Drum-Off and Poogie Bell was one of our judges. At the end of the night before I announced the winners, we had him come up on stage and give a short lesson to everybody in the audience. What I learned from him in that 5 minutes is something I'll hold onto for the rest of my life.


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I would have loved to hang out with Picasso (Pablo). I know he's not a drummer but his eye for art can be easily translated over into what I do.

You can only make rights and lefts and combinations of such (rudiments) so many ways. Developing a concept....philosophy, whatever.... is much more time-consuming.