Your top 5 drumming songs


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1) Tool - Sober
2) Tool - Jambi
3) Audioslave - Shadow on the sun(simple but great!)
4) Sistars - U R free(-||-)
5) Godsmack - Mistakes(-||-)


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1 - James Brown - Funky Drummer :)
2 - James Brown - When the Saints Go Marching In
3 - Tower of Power - What is Hip
4 - Prince - Musicology
5 - Prince - Get on the Boat



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1) Tool - Triad
2) - Parabola
3) - The Grudge
4) - Third Eye
5) - the rest by Danny :D


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Really not good at remembering what songs but I will at least get to the essentials.
Anything off of the 2112 album by Rush, Neil Peart :)
the last 3 albums of The Who, Kieth Moon
oops forgot the rest!
Rodney Holmes's Sabertooth sound is one heck of drum work
The drummer from Godsmack's foot work is something to really work out to.
James Brown's drummer, got to study to get that grove!
Bill Ward to get back to that classic metal sound. Black Sabbath


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totoole26":mr9botgs said:
the last 3 albums of The Who, Kieth Moon
Keith Moon was one of my first drumming heros, even before I started playing mysefl :)


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yeah i'll go with you mod guy's here i'll drum ne thing by danny But so far my fav. tool songs to drum to is
5.h.( the gothic acoustic version)

thats jst a few and they are in no order becasue to me ne thing by tool is jst as great as the next one coming up,
"Aenima" by Tool
"Natural Life" by Breaking Benjamin
"Youth" by Matisyahu
"Beast and the Harlot" by Avenged Sevenfold
"Applied Science" by 311


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In No Order:

"War" - Meshuggah (even though it was a drum machine)
"YYZ" - Rush (Off "Exit...Stage Left")
"Straight Cold Player" - Lenny Kravitz (From the "5" album)
"Pick Up The Pieces" - Average White Band
"Soul With A Capital 'S'" - Tower Of Power (the live version)


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Exactly - there are some great licks on Live @ Stubbs :)
btw. do you happen to know what's the drummers name and what he uses?


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In no order.

1) Dream Theatre - The Dance of Eternity.
2) The Mars Volta - The Apparatus must be Unearth.
3) Tool - 46&2
4) Streetlight Manifesto - A better place, A better time.
5) Rage Against The Machine - Renegades Of Funk.


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Some of my favorites. (In no odrer)

YYZ - Rush (Neil Peart)
Fool In The Rain - Led Zeppelin (John Bonham)
When The Levee Breaks - Led Zeppelin (John Bonham)
Paradigm Shift - Dream Theater (Mike Portnoy)
Ants Marching - Dave Matthews Band (Carter Beauford)