Your three favourite cymbals

Johnny Cat

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Sabian 22" AA Heavy ride

Sabian 19" Paragon chinese (I tend to overuse it though, just because I love the sound of it so much).

Paiste 13" Signature Sound Edge hats (okay so I cheated, that counts as four :p)

There are many a crash and splash cymbal out there that I like, but I just don't feel right playing without the cymbals I've listed above.


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18" Crash - Istanbul Sultan Series
22" China boy low pitch - "A" Zildjian
16" Dark Crash Thin - "K" Zildjian

Shit! That's three allready! :shock:


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My favorite cymbal I've had was a 15" A custom crash. It was so bright yet full at the same time. I haven't even found another of the exact same cymbal that sounds as good as that one. It broke cause they are really thin :(

Also my Z custom 16" Rock crash sounds great

And my Paiste Alpha 20" power ride. It's got a great bell


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1- Paiste Signature 19" China

2- Zildjian A Custom 16" Projection Crash

3- Zildjian A Custom 15" Mastersound High hats.


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I would have to say that my 3 favorite cymbals are my Zildjian 14' New Beat Hi-Hats, my Sabian 16' B8 Pro Rock Crash, and my Wuhan 16' China. All of them sound great and I got them for good prices! :D


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i would quickly like to say . . i hate sabian.

adnd my favorite cymbols are :

K Custom Dark Ride

A Custom 17'' Crash

ZXT Titanium Hi-Hats


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why do you hate sabian? thats pretty lame to say...i like to mix and match cause sabian doesnt make every sound i like and neither do zildjian,paiste....but my favs are any rude series paiste ,my aax fast hats(after 3 weeks of cymbal shopping they sounded the best out of all of them) and perhaps the k series rides....does sabian or zildjian make the manhatten ride? thats probly my fav


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I am currently digging:

Paist 20" Medium Giant Beat

Zildjian A 21" Sweet Ride

60's Zildjian 24" A Sizzler