your splash cymbal placement...

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The cymbal set up I have now kinda sucks. I can't get to my splash comfortabley. It's placed oddly over my small tom. I guess I'd like to know whats comfortable for all of you, so I can get a few ideas together and shuffle my set up around before i build up my set up cymbals.



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I put mine on the right and about 5-6 inches above my Hi Hat but below my Left Crash. Works pretty good so far.


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my splash placements are very similar to chris adler's (lamb of god, for teh ppl who dont kno who i'm talkin kno who u r :D) where my 8" splash is right next 2 my 12" tom. this wud b right under my 16" crash. my 10" splash is right next 2 my 13" tom. (under my 17" crash)

thats what feels more comfortable 2 me anyway


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i have one in the space between my hi hat and first tom, used a clamp off the cymbal stand. also have another above my ride attached to my right crash stand


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Eliminator":ntjt56fb said:
i have one in the space between my hi hat and first tom, used a clamp off the cymbal stand. also have another above my ride attached to my right crash stand
oook that looks a lot easier 2 say compared 2 wot i wrote. the same thng tho

two greta minds think alike tho lol


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I have been messing around wit hmine lately. I used to just have it off of the left crash stand close to my hats...but I tried it off of my right crash stand where my ride was, and moved my ride over the the end on the right....felt different...but I liked it alot.


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i put mine at a height between the top of my snare and my hi hat. and i put it a little to the right of the hi hat. it's kinda hard to get used to, but it's really out of the way and it's fun to play like that


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I use 3... A ten inch to the right of the hats, before the rack tom 1 ... then a 7 inch just above the rims and between rack 1 & 2, then a 6 inch between rack 2 & 3. My set up is very similar to Portnoy's in regards to tom and cymbal placement. Works great for me.


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10" splash Sabian AA of the side of my left 16" crash the same. Have a clamp off the cymbal stand which lets the splash hang between my first tom and my hi-hats slightly covering my snare. It really depends on the style of playing you are most likely to endure. Tend to change my set around quite often. It sets the playing field for new challenges. Hope you enjoy.


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i have two that work great for me.

i have an 8" splash about 4 inches off the top of my hi hat to the left side...for me, it's easy to get to with both hands.

my second, my 10", i have set directly between my mounted toms, right over the kick. it's mounted on an extension that runs from my left crash's actually a pretty cool place for a splash i think...


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ill let the pictures do most of the job:
i use 2 splashes - 6" and 10"
on my monster set the 6" is close to the hi hat, left crash and left tom (8" tom), below the left china. the 10" is below the left crash and between the 8" tom and 10" tom.
see pic:

small splash = small tom / med splash = med tom
they share same "tone concepts" if u can call it that way...
i found that for me, very cool licks happen that way between the toms and splashes.

on my small set the splashes are stacked on one another to "save place". one is upside down on top of the other to resonate freely. see pic:

basiclly i believe that if u have 1 splash it should be closer to the hi hat cuz they share similar frequencies and merge more comfortably into music.

most important thing u should remember though - dont be afraid to change spots and experiment enough on them. every time u change a spot, u grow musically (kinda...)

sorry about the big picture size i was too lazy to resize it....
have fun!


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I use 3, two standard splashes in front of my kit, over my rack toms, the third, is a china splash, mounted to my left, over my hi-hats, by my roto-tom. Its a good placement, I can hit any of them were they are.

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One splash over my rack tom on my left kick drum, the other one is off to the side on a straight stand next to my ride cymbal. Depends on what you want to use it for really, for example, in combination with hi-hat accents or something, you may want to have it off just to the left of your hats, at about the same height.


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well i personally have a smaller kit right now i only got 5 different types of cymbals. With my splash i have it on a boom stand i have it right in between my 2 basic rack toms right in the middle of my kit, coming inward towards my snare.


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Eliminator":u3wrp5jo said:
i have one in the space between my hi hat and first tom, used a clamp off the cymbal stand. also have another above my ride attached to my right crash stand
My setup exactly!