Your signature product


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If you could design one product from any company involved in the drumming business what would it be?
Mine would be sticks :)
The exact copy of Vater's Steward Copeland signature but with an even smaller head :)

Rob the Drummer

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I would design a cymbal for Sabian. That way I'd be gettin free cymbals for a while as well! haha. It would be a raw bell crash like the donati's except for a little thinner like the evolutions.


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I'd definitely like to make some signature cymbals and I'd love to have a signature stick(.555dia 16' length and a big nylon tip/small wood one). a 14x4 walnut snare wouldn't be bad too :p


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It'd definately be a cymbal line...splashes, crashes, rides, hats, everything!

but if thats wouldnt be possible, signature sticks.

.585 width
"dennis chambers"-like bead


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that's what I'm doing with Turk Master cymbals.
We did a line of 'natural' models, now I want to do a 'brilliant' series.
Kinda fun getting to spec everything out.
Takes a lot of homework though.


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A china ride and a snare

I'd love to get in on wacky products, like NoiseWorks or FactoryMetalPercussion though.

I wuldnt like my own cymbal line as i'm not a fan of "copying someones sound" to the letter - i'd genuinely hate to see a clone of my setup as its MY setup everyone should have their own flavour for what they do, i wouldnt mind doing it if my name wasnt on it though haha


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I'd love to have my own compact kit. Something similar to Pearl Rhytm Traveler - easy to set up - compact. Of course I'd have different sizes and shells :)


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I would have to go with custom snares. Toying with depths and diameters, as well as materials (woods, acrylics, metals, hybrids) and finishes. The combinations are endless. I really dig deeper snares, like 10x14 (10 deepx14 dia.) You could do an awefull lot with that buth aestetically and tonally. Ooooh, the wheels are a rollin'.