Your Sabians + Comments


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Hey all,

I think it would be awesome to know what Sabians you all have, and what your experiences with it are. It can also definitely help people who are thinking of buying a certain cymbal. So, here we go!

I love the slightly dark "crunch" it has at semi-open and open. It's probably ideal for just about anything 'harder' (I use it for garage and pop punk). The closed sound is a bit too dark though, but that can be avoided by buying the 13" instead.

Bright, but not too bright. A pretty warm tone and quite explosive (but again, not too explosive). It's probably comparable to Zildjian A. It's really versatile, I can't really imagine things it really wouldn't be good for. Great all-round cymbal.

A bit darker, but it makes a good combo with the AA cymbal I have (the contrast isn't that big). This is my favourite cymbal ever: it's versatile - HH is NOT only for light music like some say -, it's quite loud, and the tune is just amazing. Very warm and full. This will definitely be a permanent member of my cymbal family. ;)


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sabian b8 pro sert with extra 18inch crash!!
Yeah, so the hihats 14 inch:
very nice open-closey sound, bright click when you tap on them closed, but the sound does sometimes sound bad when you're playign certain types of music. Open doesn't soudn do good, i love them loose though, very nice. I won't be changing these for a long time, i love em.

next we go the 16 inch crash:
I don't mind it, but if i were to replace anything on the set, my word it would be this. It's alright but it's just not the soudn i want alot of the time.

18 inch crash:
i love this thing as well, its bright and good in most circumstances.

and finally 20 inch ride:
I liek it, when i first got it i was like - this spizzle is useless. but thats probably because i was comparing it to the avedis zildjian rock crash at school which sounds peng. aBut its alright really, i would prefer if it just pinged and didn't carry on with the ringing (its decay seems quite long), but i'm short on money what am i gonna do :mrgreen:

not as good as jorick but yeah its one of my longest posts. whehey, i feel special.


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Let's see here:

18" HHX Legacy crash - great cymbal. Fast, trashy, and records beautifully.
18" HH Thin crash - This cymbal took some getting used to. Very dark but buttery smooth. Not gongy. Has recorded well.
14" AA light hats, circa late 80's/early 90's - Top hat is about 900 grams, bottom 950 grams. The darkest AA's I've ever heard. Very useful cymbals.
14" AA flat bottom hi hat - I will use this with the AA top light hat for a killer set of bright, fusion-y hats.
10" AA splash - haven't used it in probably 10+ years. Standard splash sound.
8" AAX splash - haven't used it in probably 10+ years. Standard splash sound.

Used to have:

16" AA Medium crash - Probably the worst cymbal I've ever owned. Total manhole cover. This was about 15 years ago.
16" B8 crash - my first crash cymbal. This was a great pie. Relatively thin and helped me really learn the nuances of how to evoke different tones from a cymbal.
B8 Pro - 14" regular hats, 16" med crash, 20" med ride - Lemme see, how to say this; the most one dimensional, souless cymbals I've owned (sorry, Dad). They were a Christmas gift when I was in high school. Did the job, but didn't. I've never been a basher, and if you didn't lay into these cymbals, they had nothing to offer. Yeah, they're beginner cymbals, so they are what they are.
I've owned 3 Saibians so far and I still have 2, but I'm planning on replaceing them with Saluda.

I have:
B8 thin crash- When I got it I thought it was a ride, dont ask me why. I used to like it until I went to Sam Ash and heard real cymbals. It just doesnt cut through for me especially on recordings. It's lasted me 6 years though and taken alot of punishment.
XS20 China- I love this cymbal sure it's a beginner line but it does exactly what I bought it for, too be trashy and loud! It's great on recordings you can definetly hear it when I crash on it! :D

I used to have:
B8 Hi-Hats- :roll: Probablly the worst cymbals I've ever owned never liked the sound of them. Replaced them with Zildjian hats that I got with my first kit.


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21" hh raw bell dry ride. best cymbal I own and the best sounding ride I've ever played. it may not be for everyone because it doesn't have almost any wash but for the sound I was going for it is absolutely perfect.

18" aaxplosion crash. great crash for just a loud, smashing hit. rides very well and can be played relatively softly, although the 14" is better for the soft hits. not gongy at all.

14" aaxplosion crash. amazing little cymbal. responds to the lightest hit and really opens up when hit hard. plays well with the big boys.

10" aax splash. standard splash sound, glassy and bright.

9" radia cup chime. unique cymbal. dry, dark sound for a bell, fairly quiet. not so cutting as I would like. great change from the annoying sound of the zil bel.


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14" B8 Hats- Good if you just start playing really clicky if you hit with tip of the stick but a better clunk if you hit it with the shaft.
18" B8 Crash- Great crash really gongy and loud, good for riding.
16" B8 Crash- Nice and bright if hit right but if not it gives a loud annoying ring and sounds terrible I'm replacing mine soon.
20" Ride- Good makes a nice ping that I like to use with blasts but it rings forever if you don't choke it.
12" APX Splash- Amazing cymbal gives a nice swish but is more dark and gongish than other splashes which is really nice and unique.


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I dont know the model of mine, but I really like the sound they make. They are bright and crunchy!


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18 and 19 inch AAXplosion crashes. Love 'em. Couldnt ask for anything better really. I just cracked the 19" one about a month ago .. and I'm thinking of having it cut out cause I'm just not ready to say good bye to that baby yet.


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Relatively new Sabian player here, but here's what I've got so far and some thoughts on them:

8" AA china splash - extremely fast with a shimmer-y sound
10" AAX ozone splash - basically a short trashy and dirty splash sound
14" Evolution china - extremely fast and trashy, my favorite china
15" & 17" HHX explosion crashes - very responsive; dark and, as the name implies, explosive
18" AAX ozone crash - trashy and aggrsssive crash sound; a nice change-of-pace crash
19" AAX xtreme china - fast, short and loud

Still needs some hats, a ride and another mini china to complete the set, but these will do in the meantime.


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sabian rule :) ive had a few.

aax x-celerator 14" hats - they are great, big sound.
sabian pro 14" hats - bright and crisp.

10" aax splash - nice splash
12"aax splash - same as above really

14"aax dark crash - nice crash decays quickly sounds kinda like a 16" stage crash tone wise
16"aax stage crash - good standard live crash
18"aax stage crash - great cymbal prob one of my favs
20"vault v-crash - nice cymbal great for ride/crashing on.

15"aax x-treme china - nice china does the job for quick accents.
19"aax x-treme china - beast kangy sound

20"aax stage ride - nice ride, nice ping needed a bigger bell.
20"aa metal-x ride - does the job. nice ping and bow sound. bigger bell than the ride above suits me to the ground.

think thats all the sabian i own. i love cymbals :)


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20" Vault crash with 3 rivets on the edge: clear, clean, kind of shimmery-sounding thin crash cymbal that works well for washy light riding or crash-riding the edge as well. Responsive.


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14" AA Reg. hats - nice and crisp with a nice overtone. Very nice Chick.
16" AA Medium Crash - Loud and proud. Great projection. Very useful bell.
20" AA medium Ride - Great projection. Nice bell tones. Very versatile.
10" AA Splash - Great compliment to the crash.
18" B8 Crash/Ride - Great for softer songs and slower tempos. Nice and clear crash sound. great for recording.
14" B8 Crash - Not too loud, good for recording. Good for double crash along with the crash/ride.


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14" aax fast hats, loud, bright, very cutting "chik" when closed, great hats but not for everything
18" vault crash bright, loud, nice bell cound you can ride this crash all day long.
19" aa metal crash. loud a little firm feeling with another nice bell
22" aa rock ride ( the first ride cymbal i ever bought about 11 years ago), great for metal drumming sharp, round, ping, not very articulate but good for pounding on


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Oh man, every time I've needed cymbals I've gone for Sabians. I don't know why really, they just really speak to me. I started with a B8Pro Medium Cymbal pack. And I think they're great cymbals, I played the Power Rock Ride for 10 years. Then I upgraded to the XS20s, and I still play on them today in my garage and save my real beauties for the gigs. All the time with those cymbals I dreamed of playing on some top of the line Sabians and last Christmas, with the fancy ebaying skills of my wife. I got'em and they're everything I ever wanted.

14" AA Flat Hats -- These hats are the funk, tight, crisp, great projection.
18" AAX Stage Crash -- This crash is Bright, lot's of Shimmer. Also has a really nice Bell for quick accents and makes a good light ride in quieter momments.
20" AAX Stage Ride -- Probably my most favorite cymbal ever. It's a nice light ride, that crashes brilliantly, and that bell really projects. This cymbal does it all!
18" AAX China -- It's a continuous fight between this and my ride for most favorite cymbal ever. I love the trashiness bell down. But I really enjoy it bell up, ala Bernard Purdie. When it's this way I feel it gets even trashier. I like riding on it in quieter grooves too. It makes for some really trashy funky stuff.
Now all these cymbals are big so I wanted to switch things up with a small splash
8" AA Splash -- I really didn't know what I was expecting out of this cymbal when I got it, but what I expected wasn't what I got. What I did get was a cymbal that blew my mind. It's tight, and ear piercing. For such a small cymbal it really stands out.

Yeah, I like my cymbals, lol When I look at them I think about how for 14 years I wanted them and now I gottem.


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14" AA reg. Hats( brilliant) PURE AMAZING
14" Pro Studio Crash
15" AAXplosion Crash
21" hand hammered raw bell dry ride( i think thats it)
and 20" XS 20 ride


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sabian 16" bright crash.
exccelnt crash. when its choked it sounds like the cymbal chokes vinnie does on primal concrete sledge.

Sabian 20" tight ride
nice jazzy sound to it with a small bell that's kinda dark sounding.


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SuNoAnBuKi":mnhsj8tx said:
18 and 19 inch AAXplosion crashes. Love 'em. Couldnt ask for anything better really. I just cracked the 19" one about a month ago .. and I'm thinking of having it cut out cause I'm just not ready to say good bye to that baby yet.
dont mean to insult your intelligence and dont know how long you had the cymbal for but they are covered for a year. call sabian get an rf number mail it back to them and you'll get another for FREE if its been under a year since you had it.


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14" AA regular hats: very nice bright sound, very versatile.
16" AA El Sabor crash: opens very quickly. bright, yet warm tone.
18" AA El Sabor crash: same but bigger:D opens better with a loud hit.
20" AA medium ride: super versatile and clean ride, though I miss some dark tones in this one. Bell is OK, but nothing more than that. I want to get a thinner, darker ride someday soon.