Your favourite sounding snare drum.


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So whats everyones favorite sounding Snare drum. Mine is absolutely Dry, Kill Logics drummer Phil Arcuri. It sounds metal but I've seen pictures and its wood. I don't know how he gets the hollow metal sound out of it but I've e-mailed him to try to figure it out. Either way listen to the song "rot" and you'll see what I mean.


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I think Pork Pie does a really nice job with there snares. There Cheap and Sound fantastic and its Acrylic!!! Great sounding snare for $199 is not bad from a custom drum company!!!!


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I would say any type of snare drum goes good w/ remo heads. Also It is better to have a wood snare instead of a metal one, because it is easyer to carry around and it sounds 10X better!


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I've been getting my rocks off lately with a '70s Pearl chrome o brass snare with the parallel strainer...although I've played one with the regular strainer and it sounded great too. :)