Your favourite kind of music?


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First question:

What is your favourite kind of music...?

I prefer:
- smooth jazz,
- jazz-rock,
- fusion
- rock,
- punk,
I love all genere's of music personally. Im listenin mostly to alot of hard rock and metal. Specially black metal/melodic death and Progressive metal..Im in love with the speed, intenisty, and tequnicality...But i enjoy playin mostly to funk and metal/rock.


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Everything except Opera. (Only because I don't speak the language.)

I'll go from Meshuggah's "War" or "Chaosphere" to Tower Of Power's "Soul With A Capital 'S'" in a heartbeat. It's all music, so it's all good.


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i like metal, prog metal/rock, classic rock, funk, grunge, and some blues and i can tolerate just about anything. i love metal though and am finally getting into some hardcore and death metal stuff but i dont get all the weird subgenres that people come up with today.


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jazz.. no other music can you improv so much on and it just sounds classy.
hardcore.. beating the shit out of your drums is so theroputic.