your favorite splash


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There are a lot of splash sounds, but my favorites are the UFIP Class and Natural series. Best splashes ever, IMHO. The Rotocasting makes them more durable, too.


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Recently I aquired a Silken Asaph series 10" slpash. I will say that it is one of the most musical cymbals on my current set up. Very good for rock or heavier applications, and compliments my A customs nicely. One of my favorites by far. P.O.Y!


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I have had a Sabian AA 10" for a while that sounds really good and recently bought a 10" Zildjian A custom that i like as well. As long as you buy the higher end series splashes i really have not heard a bad one from any cymbal company the bad sounding splashes i have come across are the lower end series like the B8's and XZT's or ZBT's.


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I just recently added 3 Wuhan splashes from their brand new series called the New Traditional series. They are outstanding. These are so much better than any previous Wuhan cymbals it's not funny. Bright explosive with a quick decay IMO exactly what a splash should be. check them out

Brian L

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from what i learned about cymbals so far is...Zildjian = great crashes!!!! and sabian = use for everything else!!!! i had a sabian B8 splash my friend gave me as a re-gift and i loved it!!! wish i never sold it!!! might be in the market for two splashes to add to my kit.