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Ok.. not sure if this is a repeated topic or whatever but I do most of my drum shopping online.. my main 3 stores are Samash, Musicians Friend and Midwest Percussion.. but a lot of times they have limited stock.. list your favorite online music stores you use and trust and have good prices. I'm sure everyone has a favorite.. what is it?

This could be helpful for everyone here that might be looking for something hard to find.

If there is already a thread like this that I overlooked, please let me know and I will delete this.

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if you are based in europe rather than usa, thomann is probably the best online music store there is

prices are awesome

for example i purchased a full set of meinl cymbals (2 crashes 2 chinas 2 splashes and a huge ass 22" ride) with all stands nd clamp arms to go with it for just £600

in the uk i would have bin lookin at jus over a grand for all that.

my next purchase will be the joey jordison snare. £170 from Thomann when u usually pay well over £200 in the UK and click on your home flag on th home page


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I agree, Interstate is great. You can get hard to find accessories/parts etc... that Musician's friend doesn't have.


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I used to order from Drums in the Wind mail order, pre-internet. I think most of the common internet sites- interstate, MF, Sam Ash, etc., are about the same. I've brought from each, and received about the same level of service from each, and the price points are all about the same.

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my favorite is woodwind and