Your Dream Endorsment


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If you would get to choose any companies to endorse ( drums, cymbals, etc ) and get as many stuff as you want for free what would you choose? What setup would you build? :)

Mine would be:

Pearl - drums (MMX 20x16, 18x16, 8x8, 10x10, 12x10, 14x14, 16x16), snares (13x7 maple/bubinga, 10x4 maple, 14x3,5 maple FFS, 14x6,5 MMX and I would also keep my 10x2 sonor as a secret :D), hardware (closed and remote hi hats)
Premier - hardware (4000 series stands) or Gibraltar - racks (can't decide;])
Yamaha - pedals (Flying dragon twin pedal and hi hat stand)
Istanbul Agop/Alchemy - cymbals (but I would still keep my old Paistes:D)
Vater - Sticks
Remo - Heads
AKG - mics
SKB - cases
Akai - MPC 2000 :)
Heineken - beer :D

They'd probably lose money with my name on them ;)

Rob the Drummer

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DW Drums
Pearl Hardware, Pedals
Vater Sticks
Evans Heads
Sabian Cymbals
Pork Pie Throne and Snares
Duck Brand Duct Tape
Converse (CHUCKS!)


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Mapex/Vater(or Vic Firth, but they'd have to make ma a signature stick:p/Attack(or Evans)/Agops and Alchemys(with custom cymbals)/ Axis Pedals and Pearl Hardware.


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Tama drums
Pearl/Gibraltar hardware
Vic Firth/Vater/Promark sticks(all of them are great!)
Paiste cymbals

dreams :oops:


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DW, Pearl or Pork Pie drums - i like them all for their own reasons. If someone said you can have any kit for free, i'd probably go with the Pie as it costed the most if i could have any kit live i'd go for the DW and any kit in the studio i'd go for Pearl.

Snares i'm easy as a sunday morning on, if its big deep shelled and a god quality and the "right" material(aluminium is my fave) i can get a decent sound out of it no problems.

Hardware - Pearl for the rack and booms, DW for the snare stand, Vater for the Slicknuts, Qwikstix for the stick holders
Pedals - Axis or DW
Sticks, gloves and grip tape - Ahead
Percussion - LP and Factory Metal Percussion
Heads - Aquarian
Throne - Roc N Soc
Beer - Warsteiner
Condoms - Durex Ultra Thin
Cigs - Regal

And last but by far the most important -
Cymbals, Sounds and Gongs - Paiste


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if i could get them made any way i want....

tama drums
tama hardware - rack, pedals, stands
roc - n - soc throne
sabian cymbals
pro mark sticks
evans heads

if tama wouldnt make me the sizes i want, then pearl masterworks drums but the rest will stay the same.


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I'm playing what I love with no endorsements (except Saluda):

Yamaha Drums
Saluda Cymbals
Pro-Mark Sticks
Evans Drumheads
Tama Iron Cobra Pedals
Gibraltar Racks and Hardware
Shure Microphones
LP Percussion
Beato Cases
Audio Technica headset Mics
Miller Lite beer
Doral Cigarettes


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screamkevin":29ywxdtf said:
I'm playing what I love with no endorsements (except Saluda)
Yeah, that's what I do. It would be cool to not having to pay for all those sticks, cymbal,head replacements, 2nd kit etc though :)


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apple drumworks drums
paiste cymbals
dw hardware
axis pedals
ahead sticks
evans heads
danmar accesories
akg mics
skb cases
ddrum electronics


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I would be happy with pretty much any endorsement I could get. But if I could decide ludwig shells, gibralter hardware, evans heads, and wuhan cymbals.


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I have many of the endorsements I have wanted. Have a few more to go but thus far I have Peace Drums and Hardware and Silverfox sticks.Only thing left is Remo and either Sabian or Paiste.


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I would be very happy to be endorsed by :
Tama drums
Paiste cymbols
Aquarian heads
Vater sticks
Danmar misc hardware


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DW drums & hardware
Zildjian cymbals
Evans drumheads
Pro-Mark 5B drumsticks
LP cowbells & mini-timbales
Roc 'N' Soc drum throne


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DW Drums Exotic Natural Lacquer Custom over Red Gum Vertical Grain With Gold Hardware.
Sizes: 10x9, 12x10, 14x14 n' 16x16.

The DW Acustic Snare or DW Collectors Solid Shell 5.5"x14"

Pedals: DW 5000 or 7000(i have them)

Cymabls: Zildjian

Pork Pie Throne

Vick Firth Sticks AS7A..the best

Evans Head Clear C2 and Emad

LP Cowbells and percusions.

Sure Mics


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Well....So far Im only endorsed by Pro-Mark Sticks, and they have been absolutely awesome! they are just great people there. Im working on a DW Drums/ Pacific Drums and Percussion deal right now though.

My dream Endorsements would be:

Pro-Mark Sticks- Already Have it :D
DW Drums/Pacific Drums and Percussion Hardware
Roland Electronics
Zildjian Cymbals
Danmar Accesories
Shure Mics.
Latin Percussion
Aquarian Heads
SKB Cases
Cadillac :lol:
Trojan Condoms
Marborl Ciggs
Dickies Clothing
Fabreeze(god damn my band mates smelled sooo bad on the last tour...well, i guess we all did)