Your Best Drummer Pickup Line!


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Disclaimer: I do not encourage the actual use of pickup lines, particularly drummer pickup lines, and fully condone the endless ridicule of anyone who tries to. However, anyone who does by some miracle successfully pull one off will have my utmost respect (void if the girl is a total slut).

Alright, let's hear your favourites! Mine:

- Like a good banging? Sleep with a drummer!
- Hey babe, I'm a drummer. Mind if I pound your skin for a bit?


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Potatoe Snack":gmej04b5 said:
i had sex once it was okay
is that a pick up line or your life story?

ive got a better one, *whisper across the room* i wanna fig newton!


i play drums, i can teach you, you could use my stick


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i'm here for the job....all women will ask what job?...then boldly say i hear you have an opening i can fill :lol: :roll:


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I always apologize to them (the hotties) for the stain I left on their blouse. When asked "What stain"? I say "One of my dirty thoughts hit you right about **there**."