You guys are good at ID'ing kits...


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Tough to tell from the pics, but judging by the mounting hardware and the lugs (again, tough to see clearly), it looks to be a late 60s/early 70s Slingerland kit. Could be a re-wrapped import kit as well. I don't see any badges, and that tom mount on the kick is tough to ID.


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It's a late 60's/early seventies Japanese import - they came under so many names it's hard to keep track of - knock-off Slingerland lugs, bastardized rail mount design, and cheep imitation stick saver hoops - the shells were pressed board - about the only thing they "sounded good" with head wise were Pinstripes - but then Pinstripes didn't come out until the mid/late 70's and I think only the CB700 line (which was another version of what pictures) had them. These really were god awful even at the time.

My suggestion: If you got some karosene and some weenies, they should make a decent bonfire. Save your money.



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Wanted to make sure, cause I've got a 6 pc Pulse that's served me well for the past 4 years. not great, but gets the job done.

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It looks like a 60's era Japanese copy of a Slingerland set. There are tons of sets like that out there, I had one as my first set. If they are, in fact, a Japanese copy, they really are low quality and have no value.