Yo guys


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yo im new here, just read some stuff from myspace links, decided to sign up, my influences are Dream Theater, Muse, Marillion, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Beatles,Rush, Machine Head, Thomas Lang, SPocks Beard, Weezer,Zappa, Genesis, Biffy Clyro, Dave Matthews BLAH BLAH BLAH, could go on for hours, basically came on here because, well ive been playing for about 5 years, about 20 year old now, and i kinda stopped practicing, or hit a wall you might say, with the stuff i play, basically im a good performer and player but i have so much to learn as everyone does, check out my band for my playing abilitys www.myspace.com/massacreonthefjords thats right ANOTHER MY SPACE LINK, but yeh itll be good to get some info off you guys and share some of my knowledge, peace