yet another head question, plz help...


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Ive got a pretty cheap Hohner Rockwood set that my cousin used, but im looking for a fairly low, punchy sound, right now ive got pinstripes and ambassadors on, im not sure of the wood type buts its a pretty cheap set, what would be the best head combo to get this sound, or since i know pinstripes are good for the sound, what would be the best way to tune it (ie reso head looser or tight) right now im getting a wierd sound that i cant seem to get rid of.


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Well you mentioned it was a pretty cheap set, but I would suggest using some coated ambassadors or even some emperors. Use the clear ambassadors on the bottom head and do about two quarter turns. Use some rem-O's rings to add dampening.

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If you're looking for that low, punchy sound you should stick with heavier batter heads, like Emperors, Evans G2's or Hydraulics tuned fairly low but not so much that they lose tone. Keep a single ply head on the bottom like the Ambassadors you have and tune them slightly higher than the top. This will give you the low sound from the batter but the drum will still have some life from the slightly tighter bottom head. Your drums are probably made out of Luan or Basswood (like most in that price range are) which is a dull sounding wood. You don't want to go too crazy with the muffling (use as little as you can) because your drums will start to sound muddy and not cut through the sound of the band. What kind of weird sounds are you getting from the drum now?

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for a deep, punchy sound i'd suggest evans g2 coated heads for the toms, genera dry for the snare, and an EMAD batter and an EQ3 resonant.
I have the same kit, a Hohner Rockwood.
I dont play it anymore now that I've got my Sonor kit.
When I got my Rockwood kit, 7 years ago or more, maybe 8, I put Remo Pinstripes on it, and a coated ambassador on the snare. Remo Flam Slam patch.
After that, I started using Aquarian Studio X on them, the ones with the dots, and without the dots.
I had some Response 2's on it, last time I played it, and an Aquarian Super Kick II.
Any of those will give you that punchy sound you're looking for.

I'm actually pulling my Rockwood out of retirement and I'm going to finish "refinishing it", since I'm going to be getting involved with a hard rock band on the side, playing bars and places making money.


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I use Aquarian performance II's and get that fat punch that I wanted. I must say though if you are in the studio I would go with the coated Remo weatherking ambassadors. Great tones and response for recording. Peace on ya!