Yamaha YESS mouting system


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I've also heard of cases when a YESS mount came off with a considerable piece of the shell...


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After selling drums for ten years, and being in the business when the isolation mounts came out, I have never seen a YESS mount break off. It looks as though it could break easily, but I've never seen it before. I will say that I'm not in agreement with the nodal point mounting. To me it's seems silly to drill holes in a shell to attach a device that's design is to enhance resonance by not drilling too many holes or having a device attached to the shell. I understand the therory behind it, just not the working logic.
I think a good drum can sound good even if it's on a snare stand if tuned and played properly.


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I got a 7 piece Yamaha MCA kit last Jan, and even with 14" and 16" rack toms, I've had no probs. i think I read about 1 guy who had a prob, but that's it.