Yamaha Oak Custom


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Anybody get to listen to and/or play one of these kits? Are they really "the loudest drum you will ever play" like Yamaha claims?


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I haven't heard the entire kit in a good situation to review. I DO however, own the 13" Yamaha Musashi snare, which is made of oak.

If the rest of the kit is anything like this snare, Yamaha isn't lying.

This little 13" is louder than every snare I own, including a huge old (1960's?) Slingerland 15" MARCHING snare drum that I have sitting here.


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I've played on an Oak Custom in a local music store and it was incredilbe. The tuning was a little off, but sounded huge while holding back! I can't imagine how it would sound with some fresh heads and nice drop of the stick!
The drum cracked a glass at this music store during a demo. I don't know how valid this statement was, but that's what the dept head told me.