Yamaha DXTREME IIs Electronic Drum Kit NEW! IN A BOX

Im selling my Yamaha Dxtreme IIs electronic kit. I have only had it out of the box once. I love this kit! I hate to sell it.
But, I must. New these kits sell for $1999. I will let this one go for $1699. Shipping would run about $120. Here is some additional
info. Thanks and keep on drumming!

DXT2SU sampling module
The module is packed with 2,171 high quality drum voices, so that no matter what kind of musical situation you're in you'll have the sounds you need. Want more? The module has sampling capabilities, meaning that you can record any sound you want directly into the module, save it on a SmartMedia card, and load it into a kit. The module even comes with a CD-ROM with samples on it that you can load into your computer and dump into the module via the USB port in the back. You can plug up to 16 pads into the DXT2SU module. Inputs 1-8 accept 3 zone pads, 9/10-15/16 allow you to hook up two pads to each input using a stereo splitter. There are six fader controls on the face of the module for quick adjustments in volume for the kick, snare, toms, hi-hat and misc. percussion voices.
130 drum kits
With 90 factory-programmed kits you will have a kit suitable for virtually any musical situation. For special projects, there are 40 user programmable kits that you can build using any combination of factory voices, loops, sequences, or your own samples. Once you've programmed your custom kits, you can store them on SmartMedia cards. This gives you the ability to create an entire library of custom kits that you can take with you and install in another DXT2SU or swap custom kits with other drummers.
Play along with the 101 pre set songs or your favorite music
There are 101 songs covering many musical styles that are great for developing your ability to play in any musical situation. Play along with the pre-recorded drum track, or mute the drums and play along with the rhythm and melody tracks. This is a great tool for developing your groove and the nuances of playing different musical styles. You can plug your MP3 or CD player into the auxiliary input and play along with your favorite pre- recorded music. You can also record your playing with the internal sequencer (up to 32 songs) to analyze your playing, or use these songs/sequences as part of a live performance. You can access the 128 General MIDI voices right from the pads and write songs in real time without the need for an external controller. These songs (up to four per kit) can be assigned to start and stop from any pad on the kit.
3 Zone pads with on-board controller
The TP120SD snare and TP100 tom pads are 3 zone rubber pads that feel very close to an acoustic drum. All of the nuances of your playing will come through due to the wide dynamic range of the pads. Each pad has an on-board controller knob that allows you to adjust snare tension, pitch (toms), change voices, or several other parameters from the pad without having to access the module.
Realistic feeling cymbal pads
The PCY150S ride, PCY130S 2-zone crash, PCY130 mono crash, and RHH130 hi-hat pad are covered with a newly formulated rubber that has great stick response and wide dynamic sensitivity. They are shaped like acoustic cymbals and are mounted on genuine Yamaha cymbal hardware so that they move with your playing just like real cymbals. The PCY150S and PCY130S also have choking ability when you grab the edge. The RHH130 mounts to a regular hi-hat stand (included) so that it feels like the real thing. You can do heel splashes, "barks", and open/closed, and everything in between.
KP65 Kick Tower
The KP65 kick tower has already proven to be a reliable, natural feeling kick trigger. The large striking surface "gives" like an acoustic bass drum head and the KP65 will accommodate a double pedal.
Groove Check
Engage the Groove Check feature while using the click or while playing a song and DXTIIS will show your beat placement accuracy. It indicates if you are ahead of, behind, or right on the beat and shows any fluctuation in your playing accuracy up to 1/96 of a quarter note.
MIDI IN/OUT, TO Host Jacks
You can access the 125 General MIDI voices from a controller or transmit other MIDI information between the DXTIIS and any other MIDI device via the MIDI IN/OUT. You can transmit MIDI data to and from your computer via the USB port to edit and store kits, sequences or samples on your computer.
Six individual outputs
The DXT2SU has six assignable individual outputs, so you can have total control over the final mix of the kit in live or studio situations.
Digital Output
The digital output located on the back panel connects to any audio device with a coaxial type cable input. This output sends a digital stereo signal that is the same as delivered by the OUTPUT (L/MONO, R) jacks.
Genuine Yamaha hardware
The tom ball clamps, cymbal booms, hi-hat stand, and snare stand included with the DXTIIS are genuine Yamaha hardware manufactured in the Yamaha motorcycle factory. This guarantees durability and functionality un-matched on any electronic drum kit.