Yamaha DTXpress Brain loses settings


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Hey all. I have tried Yamaha support, but did not have much luck, so I thought I would post here and see if any one had anything to say about this. I bought a Yamaha DTXpress kit about 5 years ago and it served me well while I lived in an apartment. I don't use it much any more since I can play whenever I want. I did regularly power it up and play just to make sure it still worked. It sat in my basement for about 4 months before I decided to incorporate it in to one of my acoustic kits. Now every time I turn it off it looses my custom settings and kits and whatnot and defaults everything back to factory presets! Annoying!!!! So, I opened it up and replaced the battery inside on the system board, did not help. Anyone else have any ideas or experienced this? I really want to start using electronics again on my acoustic kit, and love the built in sequencer on the DTX brain. If I do have to buy another brain I want at least a 2 track sequencer built in. Any suggestions on what to look at? Thanks!


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i still havent figured out all the electronics on my DTXtreme II's but yamaha has a page and forum for their electric drums, im sure one of those guys can help you.

click any kit and go to "Xpress yourself"

the DTXtreme II is a good module and unlike rolands, its actually samples!