Yamaha Beech Custom- tuning


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Alright all,

Ive got a Yamaha Beech Custom (not absolute) in a Lime Green.
I love yamaha drums and prefer them to any other ive played.
The only thing is,im rubbish at tunning my drums and i cant seem the right heads.
I prefer my bass drum (20") with nothing inside as i like a big sound (though only a small drum) but the problem im havin is the toms.
Cant seem to get a good sound out of them.
Im a rock drummer,sometimes a heavy hitter but not hevay.
Just wondering if any1 has any hints on what heads etc to use and how to tune.


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Check out some topics on tuning on this forum. As I personally play rock. I'd suggest tuning both heads the same pitch- that way you'll get the most resonating, powerfull sound.