Wuhan Cymbals...


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I just want to know all of your thoughts and opinions on Wuhan cymbals.
The reviews say they're nice and all but I don't really know about them.
The prices are pretty low on Musicians Friend for their Chinas and splashes so I didn't know if they are good quality cymbals. I was thinking about getting some but I just don't know. I'd like to know what you guys think about them and if you have used them.


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most people in the drumming community use wuhans not only because theyre cheap but because they also sound good if you get a good one. wuhan has very sketchy quality and some sound great but break quickly, some sound bad and last forever, some sound great and last as long as you need them to so you never know what youre getting when you buy online. each wuhan has a very distinctly different sound so its best to play them first. if you buy them online then buy a few because you never know if youre getting a good one or not.

p.s. use the search feature next time because theres a ton of stuff here about wuhans.