Wrist stretching to prevent injury


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I hurt my wrist a couple of weeks ago at work... nothing serious, but it prevented me from using my right hand while drumming for about a week. I've been doing exercises I've always used to stretch my muscles, and this helped me get back to my kit soon, but this made me realize how few exercises I have that focus specifically on my wrists. Could anyone tell me what kind of stretching you use on your wrists?


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i dont know too many wrist stretches, you probably know the same ones i do, but i do balistic stretches alot, balistic streches are like jogging aposed to sprinting, start out slow and easy, just doing stuff like simple patterns and sixteenth note on the snare and stuff but just keep it simple and mellow. do that for a few minutes before you practice and that might help get your muscles warmed up and more loose.


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You dont want to stretch your wrist too much, THAT will lead you to an injury that can mess up your drumming technique alot


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I have been a fan of the "bend it in impossible directions" technique for quite a while
You just have to have enough sense to know how to properly stretch
Just make sure you stretch all aspects of your hands and wrist and don't go farther than is comfortable

I agree that warming up with a pad should be approached at a slow pace but most people do not treat stretching the same way
I spend as much time stretching as I do warming up
You just need to have as much patience with stretching as you do with rudiments

Rob Crisp

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A great warm up is the Moeller technique at a slow pace, getting your arms and wrist moving but at the same time they have to relax!

Try playing a slow bpm, both arms together rather than alternating.

One Moeller movement followed by either 2 or 3 rebound strokes to make a triplet or group of four.

Slow is the key, it's about letting the muscles warm up and relax, ready to tear it up!


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I had a drumming wrist related injury a few years ago, although stretching may help, the main things you need to do to prevent wrist injury are:

Do some weight lifting excercises regularly, 10kg - 14kg dumbell curls mainly work biceps, but also help strenghten the wrist. If your young you may want to start with lower weights. Ideally you want to be on the minimum weight where you feel your wrist working to keep your fist paralell to your arm.

Also if your a hard hitting drummer like myself, make sure your snare isn't too tight. My injury came from the shock factor from hitting hard on a insanely tight snare drum... 3 months of physio tought me this the hard way!!

Generally though, stretching will help you loosen up your wrists, but pad work before a set may be more efficient.


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Kinda off the topic, but does anyone suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Has anyone had the surgery to fix it? If so, can you tell a difference in playing before and after surgery? Is there any pain? Any Stiffness? Good as new?
I've been putting off the surgery forever, and finally need to do it. I wanted to know if anyone has been through it? How long will it be before I can play again? Any advice would be great.

Rick Buchanan

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It is for that reason that I went too the Zildijian Anti-Vibe sticks, they take away some of the shock effect that can cause fatigue and injury.. I definitly notice that my wrists don't tire as easily anymore. I would recommend these sticks to anyone, I use the 5B series myself.

I have had both my wrists operated on, not from carpel but work related injuries.. as far as recovery they are as good as new, but definitly do your physical therapy as ordered and don't push it too hard right away, you'll only reinjure yourself.


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I've never heard of any wrist excersises, but I just kind of roll my wrists around before I play, just to get the blood flowing. I've never had any wrist problems, so what do i know?


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vargasdrumbeast":2qruvwct said:
You dont want to stretch your wrist too much, THAT will lead you to an injury that can mess up your drumming technique alot

Improper strechting sure, but if you know how to strecth the wrist(I'd post some pictures or a video but I don't have a camera so I'm sorry I can't show you guys.) you can't stretch too much. You might try looking at some yoga sites and chiropractor websites if you can find some you should be fine doing those stretches.


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just pull your fingers back not to much just untill you feel it and then shake it off. i would also say you warm up before playing by just playing 8notes on each hand


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If you're experiencing pain during practice, obviously the first thing to do is STOP. Basic forearm and finger stretches, along with general massage are usually the two remades to wrist discomfort.

Honestly though, these are things all drummer should know. If not, you should probably educate yourself a little bit more in "drummer maintenance" before you develop tendonitis or worse, carpel-tunnel.

As always, proper technique keeps your chances low, but stretching and massage are always good for staying loose and flexible.


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Seriously pull out an Anatomy book. Everyones different you have bend your wrist and foremarm in every position possible until you feel that target area. For me I face the palm of my hand towards the sky and pull my fingers backward especially the thumb thats a big muscle. The most effective for me is to cross your hands and grip them together still being crossed which ever hand is on top use that hand to pull the hand on the bottm up. This will work wonders. As far as weight lifting dont do it. Stretching is the most important thing. The only muscle conditoning exercises you should do are rudimental ones. Someone said the moeller method YES! this wil prevent injury from happening in the first place!


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i find that practicing rudiments for at least 30 mins a day (at a relaxed steady tempo... no overworking) seems to reduce all stress on my wrists... i typically play rudiments for a couple hours a day and i haven't had wrist problems since marching band two years ago... (damn four mallet vibes >.<)


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I have found that if you take both sticks and hold the ends with your hands and twist them around for a few minutes then shake out your wrists before playing you can play with warmer wrists and you could aviod more injuries.