Worship Teams and such


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I used to play for my youth group, and thats how I started playing drums! It was about 3 years then I went to college. I still fill in every now and then.


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I sub once in a while at a Church where my guitar player does sound near LA. It's a great band (Russ Miller on drums, Doug Jackson (Edgar Winter Band, Ambrosia) on guitar.) I probably do it 3 times a year. It's fun and the pay is great!


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SGarrett":1q1papy8 said:
None of the churches around here pay and since I'm not Christian I'm not in it for the faith. :)
My thoughts exactly!

I've played some gigs AT churches, does that count? :mrgreen:


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Llama_Dude-No, not really

Also, my church is at a christian school, so i got stuck with a gretsch blackhawk unless I wanna haul my mapex pro m's there every week.