Worlds Only ELECTRIC DRUMS.. for drummers with dreams

johnny nobody

New member
These ELECTRIC DRUMS will NOT let you down. They are more than every thing you expect from the electronic pads plus a world of wonders you never thought or imagined possible. The only drawback is MONEY. Yet they totally compete with the price of pad kits. Your sound can be UNCLONED by others unlike pad sets. This video on youtube is a demo of the very first proto test set. This is a low budget home recorded video so it doesn't do the kit justice. How ever, if you have real nice speakers on your computer. turn it up. Live listeners say this very low caliber DW ELECTRIC DRUM set sounds as boss as any top of the line kit !! If you are patient enough to watch several of the videos, you will get a minor sample of what can be done with ELECTRIC DRUMS.

These recently patented ELECTRIC DRUMS can not be bought in stores yet. If you would like to purchase a set contact the inventor at att. John