Wood rim???


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I'm looking to build a new snare drum, i really want to try using wood rims on it but i've never heard much about them. Any one out there have an opinion?


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I've personally never played a snare with a wood rim before.. but (and correct me if I'm wrong) I believe Akira Jimbo's snare has a wood rim, so you might want to check some of his videos or whatever..

oh and IMO, aesthetically speaking, wood rim snares look elegant as hell!


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Akira Jimbo's Signature Yamaha Snare has a wood hoop, as does the Yamaha Signature snare from Anton Fig. Wood hoops allow for fatter sounding rimshots, but they don't necessarily survive that abuse, either.


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I put a pair of 14" wooden rims on a 6.5 x 14 gretsch maple snare. The drums sounded great until the top rim broke (I.e, too many rim shots on the lug). If you use wooden rims make sure your snare rim shots are on the fat part of the rim.