Women drummers


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It's pretty clear that most people recognize that Meg White is a woman and a drummer, but many of you (myself NOT included) think she isn't a very good drummer, if at all.
Let's name who is a good female drummer.

I nominate drummer/percussionist Ruth Underwood. I saw footage of Ruth with Zappa on The Dub Room Special DVD and it blew me away. I know she doesn't really play kit, but she sets that marimba on FIRE!


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Torry Castellano.


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I must also add Terri Lynn Carrington. I had the pleasure of setting up her kit not once but twice when I was a backline tech. The first time I was way off because I had nothing to go by.
The second time, the stage manager didn't recognize me from the last show (not surprising) and was amazed when he walked in and the setup was near perfect.
She's played with the Arsenio Hall house band, Miles Davis, and most recently Cassandra Wilson.


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Some of my faves...

-Torry Castellano (The Donnas)
-Cindy Blackman (Lenny Kravitz)
-Hillary Jones (Tribal Tech)
-Kim Thompson (Beyonce)
-Sheila E.
-Stefanie Eulinberg (Kid Rock)


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Shiela E is a monster drummer. Her father was Pete Escovedo, a legendary percussionist, and studied some with Billy Cobham.

I would put Terri Lynn Carrington up against any of the male chopmonsters we discuss. She's a world-class drummer with no limitations.

Hillary Jones is another really good drummer, more in the groove category.

Kim Thompson is a little unheralded in spite of her great talent. I think she's currently supporting Beyonce, but she's got great jazz chops. She's recorded with Mike Stern and Kenny Baron, among others.


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Cindy Blackman by far is my favorite female drummer when she is playing her solo music and probably my least favorite drummer of all time when she plays Lenny Kravitz's music.

Sheila E. is also a monster player.

Hillary jones would round out my top 3 with the tribal tech stuff, its just insane music.


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There was a band in the late 90's from Japan called Superjunkymokey
The drummer's name is Matsudaaaaahhh! (that's the way it is spelled on the CD)
Incredible drummer

Danny Meazell

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For anyone that has heard her, or grew up around her like I did, there is no question that Linda Wareing is the greatest living female drummer of all time! Playing for Texas blues Legends Fancy Space, Johnny Nitzinger, and Bloodrock at the notorious Dallas Cellar Club. Only two weeks ago they opened for BB King. She now is the drummer for Texas Blues Legend and guitar impresario, and my friend Bugs Henderson.

Danny Meazell

The Maestro

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In addition to begin female there some great asian female drummers like.
Susie Ibarra jazz drummer and Etsuko Nakanishi of Shonen Knife.
Also the Velvet Underground's drummer, Maureen Ann "Moe" Tucker.


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phr0sty":24f20shh said:
i'm a female drummer..
[url=p://a40.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/21/l_53bba6e284f2e9b99362b51ebe56077f.jpg]p://a40.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images ... 56077f.jpg[/url]
Like the kit, color is awesome


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Check out damnique - she f-ing kicks ass on the set. ive seen her live, and she has great technique combined w/ double pedal. i took down some notes. Unfortunately, she has no example on her page, and i dont think shes currently in a band. But i know a lil bit of time will amend that.