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well, it's not very glamorous, but I think it might be one of my best purchases lately.

was setting up my kit this morning, and didn't suffer the sore fingers/scraped knuckes/pinches and whatnot that trying to configure everything as tight as I like usually causes.

well-worth the $.

Hadn't seen any reviews on it lately, so I thought I'd mention my experiences.


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sorry to self-bump here, but this tool has really made my life easier lately~
wanted to make sure to share it.

We've been working in the studio for a while now, and I change my configuration pretty regularly for inspiration/ease of miking...

this Wingkey is awesome- especially in tight places where I used to scrape my knuckles so badly. Really convenient for tightening wing-nuts which tended to make my fingers kind of sore or numb if I had to crank a bunch of them really tight. If you've got a big kit, or hardware that's crammed kind of close together, or if any of your clamps or nuts tend to come loose on ya-
this thing is a miracle.

I know it doesn't look like much, but it's the best tool in my kit.
I bought three recently so I'll never be without one!