Why Was The Ludwig Accent Combo Discontinued?

Due to boredom these pass couple of days and with no hours at work xD I decided to create a list of the items on my drum set. So I started off with the drums itself and I could not find my Ludwig 5 Pierce Accent Combo drumset anywhere on Musicianfriends, Music 123 or Guitar Center. The drum set is really great after a few head replacements. I love mine to death and is my pride and joy. I just can't fine or figure out they discontinued it. It had so many good reviews and it has the Ludwig name. I mean it sucks that they don't sell it anymore.


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Companies exist to make a profit. New products get introduced and others get discontinued all the time. Sometimes just relatively minor upgrades to existing products results in a new line. Or, if sales just aren't hitting the mark, the product is scraped, regardless of how much the people who own them like them.


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I have a set of combos and they do sound good with new heads. You can still get Combo drum sets and if you're lucky, individual toms as new old stock from dealers if they have it.

Also, Ludwig didn't fully discontinue the line, they're called the Accent CS 100 Series now.


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yeah the ludwig was and still is my first and i LOVE this set to death. but i could see why ludwig would stop makin it cuz i got that whole standard set, 2 rack toms, bass, floor, snare, for a little over 200 dollars. it was a steal and a half but what rufus said is true, the only thing that any company is trying to do was make money, and when your sets are brand new lying around in the back of a guitar center for 200 backs then you might want to make some decsions about the set. in this case the renamed it so it might possibly sell more... but great set and i would definatly recommend it to any one lookin for an awesome reliable set