Why Drums?


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What (who) made you want to start playing drums?

I've always felt the groove in all music and had the natural ability to find the time and rythm. Plus I have always thought the drums were the coolest instrument to play... They are big bad and loud!!!!

Oh, and Animal was my favorite Muppet 8)

Rob the Drummer

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I really don't know what made me want to play. Just always had a love for the drums and wanted to play them. I picked it up quick and am a natural.


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I started to play guitar, but then noticed i could sing so i dropped it . Then noticed i wasnt actually good at singing, so i picked up drums... because bass isnt really an instrument :D


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I tried piano, but I wasn't any good. I saw the drummer from the Ohio Players (70's funk band), and saw his set bouncing as he was groovin, and I was hooked. Then came Peter Criss, Roger Taylor, and John Bonham (oops, show my age :lol: )
Same with me i could feel the groove and figuire out the time of music at an early age.I was in love with Led Zepplin and Bonham's thunderous triplet fills made me think "wtf i wana d that".
Out of all instruments drums for me is the most expressive.One snare accent can show your mood or change the whole atmosphere of a song and the listener's feelings.
Drums Kick guitars arse anyday! :twisted:


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We wanted to start a band and I was the only one who could afford to buy drums at the time......


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i dont remember the specific reason i started playing drums...i remember signing up for band in middle school just cause i thought itd be an easy class,picked the drums cause my parents said no,found music was easy to understand to the point where i wanted to do it after school because it was fun to see what i couldnt play as opposed to what i could,then came high school,drumline,need i say more.......


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Shalaq":2a39ojpb said:
We wanted to start a band and I was the only one who could afford to buy drums at the time......
same thing with me + I was the only one who though that drums are way cooler than guitar :)


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started a band with a mate.couldnt play drums originaly so started to learn after nagging the parents for lessons.got a few basic lessons and am self taught from there on in.opened my eyes to music even more and like to take influences from roger taylor,keith moon,dave grohl and chad smith..3 years on,still playin and have spent alot of money on my kit.


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well i had said since i was a kid(like 10 im 21 now) that i wanted to play eather bass or drums and my friend picked up the bass at about 15 so i had no choice in the matter LOL it wasn't till i was about 19 that i finnaly got the balls to buy some drums it was my friends b-day and we went to gamble and i won like 200 bucks so i was like time to get a kit... im still like 800 bucks in debt for the kit but it was worth every penny !!!
Well, I always ended up being Tommy Lee in my Motley Crue air band because I always listened to Sandy Nelson records (ya know, those big black disc things!)

So, I have to blame Mr. Sandy Nelson and then Tommy!
for me it started bak years ago i didnt even notice it untill ppl in class asked me if i played the drums cuz i have A.D.D and i just hum songs in my head and i always tap my ffingers on the desk and ya then blink 182's enema of the state and i was like fuck then i got drjm stix and started air drumming and my parents would see me and they bought me a drum set and from ya that how i got into it


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My dad was pro drummer back int he 70's and he still plays every week now, so its always been in and around my family, my dad never tried to get me into drumming he always wanted me 2 but he wanted me to want to play, and sure enough i did, that was 9 years ago and ive never looked back, drummer for life


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I started plying bass. But then at the time I couldn't find any drummers to start playing with. So I started playing drums too. Then I just started having more fun with the drums.


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I was always a big music fan but it wasn't until high school that I pursued playing music and even that was wanting to play guitar. Since there was no guitar in the HS band I picked what I thought to be the next coolest instrument. :wink: It's been over 20 years now and I'm still very active.[/url]


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I had to pick an instrument in grade 6 band. I asked the teacher which would be the hardest to learn and she said 'drums and french horn'.

$800 for a french horn vs. $3 sticks and a $10 drum book, my mom said learn drums. Also I had a huge crush on zack hanson, I was fucked up, I know (I'm female, I don't know if this says so)

And that is how the madness that is my life began.


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Well it was a matter of who for me, i never wanted to play drums when i was growing up, i started playing the trumpet in middle school played one year then the next year my band director saw me playing drum beats on the table alot, and told me that she was moving me from second chair trumpet player to percussion!!!!! well back then i was pissed, but i thanks god and her everytime i do a show for the move she did that put me where i'm at now!!!!!! :D


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since i can remember i always tough the drums were the coolest thing, till i was 10 my dad bought my first set, 6 years after im still playing ;) :D


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My father was a drummer. When I was 15 months old or so I found his kit. He kept hiding it from me but still I sought them out and would pound away on them. When I was about 2 or 3 I connected the pulse of a snare drum to the beat of music and from then it was game on.

When I was 4 years old I sat at my now-set up drumset (complete with cymbals and all!!) and looked out and saw a long vast road ahead of me. It was Peter Criss that showed me the edge, and a drummer named George Lawrence (www.georgesdrumshop.com) that pushed me over.

I was at my father's photography studio at about age 4 and this band came in for pictures. The drummer (George Lawrence) had his gear all set up and then he proceeded to play a drum solo. I was completely convinced that drums were why I was planted here. I remember the kit to. GL had a big ol' Slingerland kit- toms all the way from 6" to 18"....single kick and I could barely reach the pedals.

Now, I'm 37 and still playing. Not on a casual basis though. If I don't play I don't eat! In my career I have over 50 albums under my belt and am writing this from the road in Boulder, Colorado.

It's a crazy life and sometimes I wish I had pursued a "normal" existence. Maybe someday this crazy dream will pay itself off. In this day and age of plastic music, it's hard to do "your" thing and get paid for it. Either get a gig with a well-established act or have an "industry in" with your own band. It's maddening and frustrating at times, but really this is all I know.