Why do you play?


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I started because I had a set and my friends needed a drummer. I hadnt played in 8 years. So I grabed the set from good ol' Mom and started jammin. 1 year, 3 shows, a Demo, and 3 bandmates later I find myself feeling confident and very passionate about the instrument I play. My only goals are to progress and to play with some of my favorite bands. I wanna be able to play what I grew up listening to.


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Because my mom was a jazz singer and I played with her band, Now I just play progressive rock, hard rock, and metal the only time I play jazz now is on my solo's


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I started playing when I was 14 because a kid played drums and the girls LOVED him (basically cause he was the only drummer in school). So my parents forked over money and hooked me up with a simple set. But I just felt so comfortable behind a kit, I kept playing and playing, getting better and better...now I love it.

Thanks guy :wink:


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when i was 12 I was originally going to play the clarinet but my dad made fun of me and said I should play the drums, so I did and foud I had a nack for it, then found that I loved it, and 6 1/2 years later im still playingand progressing.


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I started because my friend moved out of his house and had nowhere to put his kit.
So he gave it to me but i didnt really think i would take it serious.
Fast forward two years and im completely in love with them.
And im planning on starting up a band with a few friends soon.


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Sorry, gonna wax philisophical here. I posted this in a blog recently, so here's why I play:

Someone asked me the other day, why I play drums.

I opened my mouth and stated the obvious: Because I love to do it.

Then last night, I started thinking about it, the last 34 years that I've been playing (I'm 38, yes, I started when I was 4). And it goes so much deeper than that. (Warning: Non-musicians may have a hard time understanding/relating to what follows.)

I play drums because it makes me be me.

I play drums because I believe that music is the most powerful force in the universe, and playing gives me a little piece of that pie.

I play to celebrate my life.

I play to honor my father and mother, who were patient enough to let me get started in music, and who were musical themselves.

I play because it's the one thing I'm better than my little brother at.

I play drums to save my own sanity.

I play drums to escape the real world, however temporary it may be. It's my own little hideaway for 4 hours a show.

I play to honor my drumming idols and influences: Neil Peart (Rush), Alan White (Yes, Lennon), Lenny Kravitz, Vinnie Paul (Pantera), Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr), Keith Moon (The Who), and David Garibaldi (Tower Of Power).

I play to honor the memory of artists that I love that are no longer with us: Stevie Ray Vaughn,Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Warren Zevon, and Janis Joplin.

I play drums to influence peoples' lives through music.

I play drums to entertain the masses.

Yes, I do play drums for the "chick factor".

I play drums so that others who come to see me play can live their dream of playing vicariously through me.

But most of all...

I play because I am.


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I started to play, after being the lead singer in my band for a year... I was 16 we needed a drummer instead of a drum machine, so, I bought a cheap drum kit (which I still use... after many years) and attempted to record drums with it. My brother thought it was decent enough, and instead stuck me on drums... I was skeptical at first, because I liked doing vocals... but after a week or two I really started to enjoy playing... and it went from there...

I play because I love doing it... its fun, its a work out from my daily activities of sitting on my ass at work driving...
Music shouldn't be a chore, it should be fun...


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haha because some guys in my class had a band and thought they were all that even though they had no idea what they were doing.. then when I went to their practice, I told them that their drummer was offbeat and they immediatly attacked me and said "what do you know about that? you think you can do better?" so i said "yea, i do", went home, and learnt the song by the next practice, and from then on I was their drummer =p now I just love playing an instrument that kicks ass, also i love proving guys wrong who say girls can't play =) it's amazing how much respect I get for it
I play because its in my blood and its what I love.

Started two an a half years ago since all my friends we're guitarists and I was talked into buying a set (that's a lot of waiting tables by the way) and now I'm obsessed with it. Drums = Heathy Crack put out the word haha.


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Me playing drums started out as a fluke...I played clarinet in middle school concert band and one of my friends thought he was hot stuff because he could play 'Wipeout'...being as competative as I am I told him andone could do it, so I worked my butt of and learned it...then that christmas I jokingly asked for a snare drum and got a beginner BC 700 student snare drum package...from there it just blossomed. Now I play because I love to!:)

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i heard some old coltrane albums and wanted to play saxophone in 4th grade, but they were too expensive to rent. then i was in the attic one day and i found my grandfather's old snare drum from when he was in drum corps, along with some old books and sticks. i took it down and started playing, then a few weeks later i joined my school band on snare.
a few years later i got into hip-hop and became obsessed with drums. i played set for a year before i joined a band.
i got into playing on a kit because i loved the grooves i heard in hip-hop and funk.