Whos your favorite pro drummer?


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Well as far as favorite drummer, there are two classifications i look for...if your asking about drummer with the band (not in solos) id have to say its a tie between Mike Portnoy and Danny Carey. As far as solo playing comes, i enjoy listening to Thomas Lang or Tony Royster Jr.

Theres my $0.02

Johnny Cat

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Steve Smith.

Neil Peart still has a special place in my heart, but he finally got knocked down to number 2. Steve is just something else in my opinion. I think he is the most well rounded drummer out there, and a great educator. His techniques are fantastic, he can do anything at all that he wants with the time when he's playing, be it straight grooves or polyrhythmic soloing, and he works drumming from other cultures like East Indian into his playing as well. And also when it comes to the history of drumming and knowing where everything he does came from, he really knows his shit.

And Vital Information is just such a great band.

My other top faves are Danny Carey, Buddy Rich, and George Kollias, but there are sooo many others out there that are just superb.


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drummert2k":151kwo6l said:
Hard to pick just one. I've been really into Benny Greb lately
he caught my attention recently too- very cool style!

I don't really have a fav; there are definitely standouts in the fields of technique, feel, and showmanship but there's just too many talented people out there right now to pick just one.


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Here a several drummers that are my favorites each have something great to bring to the drum kit and I use a lot of their songs for practice each week.

Sean Kinney-Alice in Chains, Stephen Perkins-Jane's Addiction, Chad Gracey-Live, John Bonham-Led Zeppelin, Mike Portnoy-Dream Theater, Danny Carey-Tool and John Dolmayan-System of a Down


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I find thse kinds of questions hard to answer. Probably because I like so many drummers. Gadd is probably the ultimate drummer today. He is so musical and so great at performing exactly what the song requires. While adding his own personality at the same time. But having said that there are loads of others. I always admire what Steve Jordan plays. Michael White is another who never puts a foot wrong. Abe Laboriel jnr is another. Harvey Mason is yet another. I don't know if Earl Palmer has retired, but I always thought he was amazing. Jim Keltner. God, the list is huge.


Mike Mangini is definatly one of the best drummers i've seen, he's currently my favorite. I also like Nicko McBrain and Martin Lopez, both have had a huge influence on my drumming style.