Who's your Drum Idol?


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I think that everybody has a drum idol/idols.
Mine are John Bonham and John Dolmayan.

If it wasn't for Bonham I wouldn't play drums, He's the number 2 best drummer of all time behind Neil Peart.

Who's your drum idol


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The first drummer that really inspired me was Dave Grohl, watching his quick fills from No One Knows by Queens Of The Stone Age put me in awe, I started watching and listening to Danney Carey and Neil Peart, and those are two of my heaviest influences too.


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Neil Peart (Rush), Hilary Jones (Tribal Tech), Alan White (Yes, Lennon), Lenny Kravitz, Cindy Blackman (Lenny Kravitz), Vinnie Paul (Pantera), Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr), Keith Moon (The Who), and especially David Garibaldi (Tower Of Power).


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Thomas Lang, Chris Adler, Jason Rullo, and more.

But the person who inspired me to play drums is Phill Cierniak. None of you will know him he's a local boy, I used to play guitar in a band with him, and the way he played just made me want to start. He is awesome.


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Chris Adler, Buddy Rich, Neil Peart, and "zendrummer" here on drumsmylife, he seems like a really cool guy that knows what hes doing


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Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Travis Barker (might not be the best but he got me started on drums...), and Danny Carey (my current 'idea bucket' of sorts.) but all in all, i think anybody who gets the guts to pick up a pair of sticks and try to play for more than a month deserves a cookie. Drumming is a lot harder than most people make it out to be :? why are we taken for granted? *cries*


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Chad Smith was the first drummer that made me love drumming in the first place, i respect him so much, u wont beleive, also Taylor Hawkins and Dave Grohl are 2 of my biggest influences also, inspirering me greatly, as they still do.


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nick barker and tony laureano really opened my eyes as far as drumming goes.

the of course there are the standards, like daney carey, carter beauford. nick pierce(ex faceless drummer) inspired me to work on my traditional grip.

my favorite drummer right now is george kollias.


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Steve Smith

and about ten others have had the biggest influence on my drumming.


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I get a lot of my influences from, nicko mcbrain(iron maiden), david macintosh(dragonforce) matt kadi(monster squad), and derek grant(suicide machines), and the former drummer of black dahlia murder


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I cant say I really have an idol...
The first person however that ever inspired me to want to play drums was Derek Bloom
He is no where near the best drummer ever
However he can be pretty technical when he wants to be
And pretty damn good considering he's in an emo band
Most emo bands are shit, cant get past a simple rock beat...


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Ian Paice - Deep purple
John Bonham - Led Zepplin
Gene Krupa - Jazz legend
Buddy Rich - who doesn't know buddy?
Charlie Watts - Rolling Stones


Chad Smith - RHCP
ALL PEARL JAM DRUMMERS - Abrruzzese, Irons, Cameron
Dave Grohl - Nirvana/Foo Fighters
Taylor Hawkins - Alanis Morrisette/Foo Fighters
Thomas Lang - himself
Kenny Aronoff - too many different artists to mention
Col Hatchman (Aussie drummer and relative unknown - got in guiness book of records 2006 for being the 'loudest drummer on Earth' ) Played in The Screaming Jets