Who's into these guys?


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I like over-the-top, hard-hitting, not-so-technical-at-first-hearing-but-really-technical-if-you-try-it-yourself drummers.

Being (just to name a few) :

Keith Moon (He plain ROCKS)
Don Brewer
Cozy Powell
Bill Ward (back in the day)
Carmine and Vinnie Appice (has anyone seen the "Drumwars" DVD...?)
John Bonham
Ian Paice (before he got boring)
Eric Singer

Apart from Brian Tichy and Tommy Clufetos (refering to his work for Alice Cooper and Ted Nugent, not Rob Zombie), there don't seem to be a lot of drummers like that anymore.

Any suggestions who I could check out?


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I think John Bohnams influence can be see in tons of drummers today. For example Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Danny Carey, just to name a few. He's probally one of the most influential rock drummers ever.


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TheYardstick":12li2s0y said:
Looks like you need a nice, heavy dosage of Doom Metal. Some of the hardest hitting drummers play that style.
I do listen to Doom metal.
I think Black Sabbath is pretty doomy.
I also like Candlemass, Spirit Caravan, Cathedral, Thee Plague of Gentlemen (from Belgium), ...


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Well then, I'm pretty much spent on heavy-hitters.

Except for Brian Chippendale, he plays for Lightning Bolt and is absolutely ridiculous.