who uses what???

which cymbal brands do you use

  • Zildjian

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  • Sabian

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  • Paiste

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  • Meinl

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  • Instanbul

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  • Soultone

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New member
I perfer Wuhan cymbals S series the most.. I recently bought sabian AXX crash and ride and Zildian A costum HH but the hh's have cracked litterally in 8 places since October. Zildjian 18" oriental china and 11" oriental splash ROCK.....

Danny Cayocca


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I started on Zildijans (I wish I still had those cymbals :-( ),

I have been playing Sabians since 1987. I really like Sabians because they are like Zildjians but cheaper.

Since 1979 I have always had at least one Paiste in my setup, but the last three years I have been buying a lot of Paiste cymbals when Guitar Center during their Memorial Day gear blow outs and I have gotten some great cymbals (i.e., discontinued models, etc.). For the last three weeks I have been using only my Paiste's at my weekly gig and they sound great.

I am look forward to playing the new Paiste "Twenty" cymbals that are suppose to be very Zildjian like. I guess we will see, but if you have the money buy Paiste.



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you can only vote for one?

i use a sabian pro ride and i'm looking for the hats from that set.

i'm currently using zildjian crashes because they were cheap. i'm not picky for crashes; just whatever will last the longest because i break crashes.

by the way, the zildjian titaniums sucked my ass. they all broke super easy.

Mike T

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all zildjian except one
15inch new beats 1968
20inch sizzle zildjian 1967
22inch custom A ride zildian
18medium crash custom A
19 inch Kdark crash
and a 18 medium crash paiste 2002


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going around the set from the left
14" Istanbul Anatolian Series HiHats
19" Paiste PST 5 Crash
17" Paiste PST 5 Crash
uhm noname 18" China looks like a Wuhan., but it isn't but has this nice bashy sound
LP Icebell upsidedown
20" Istanbul Anatolian Raw Ride

I want to have additional 2 or 3 Splashes and another crash on the right of the ride. My local dealer has a very cheap 15" China I will buy too, I think. Problem is I would need to buy some more hardware ... ahh again this money thing ... I once owned a 22" China which broke into unplayable pieces .. too bad, but that cymbal played with mallets ...



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iv ebeen using zildjian for over 5 years now... tho i find while recording they sound quite week...

sabian are packed full of destruction and sounds good while recorded


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I use Sabian Cymbals.

14" XS20 hats (Upgrading when cash is available)
14" Hand Hammered Thin Crash
18" XS20 Chinese

also play to add a splash or two and another crash.