Who practiced today??


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Ok, I mean, this week or whatever. Place is a bit slow to expect dailly comments.

Me? though I had some hot stick time today? Did not have a real session. Weds. are hard. Glad I got what I did. I have been pushing hard though. Getting as much as possible.


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I practice almost every day, at least 45-an hour. I skipped yesterday, though...had some final mixdowns for an ep I'm producing for an artist that needed to get done so the lot could get shipped off to the mastering engineer.
Broke em all and I don't have a job and my mom can't spare money right now. I have a pair of marching sticks that I won't take to the kit, so at least I got pad practice.

Potatoe Snack

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can't practice very often anymore, not home much and when i am, the house is full with people watching tv. ever since ive grown out of my teenage years its just obnoxious to my parents for me to beat on the drums all day :? been playing alot more guitar though!!!
i practiced yesterday though, it was very nice! not just a little rusty, but a whole lotta rusty.


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Thanks to my recent redundancy i have quite alot of time on my hands. Put in a good 4-5 hours today. Felt great :lol:


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I practice as much as possible, usually 2-3 hours a day, on days off from work. When I get home on work days, I talk with my friends and fellow drummers about all things drumming and ofcourse cruise the forums. I have a few friends that I talk to very often about new gear, drum history and future, and other things. So in a sense, I practice everyday!

We don't just practice in a physical manner, educating yourself in our art is a form of practice as well. :wink: P.O.Y!


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I practise everyday 3- sometimes 4 hours. I start with some rudiments on a pillow for warmups, then some feet exercises just to get myself warmed and loosened up. That usually takes almost an hour itself. Last week i went away and took a pair of sticks so i could still practise on a pillow.......If its drumming, i love being obsessed!


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if my practice space were closer i'd be at it every day. but since its a 30 minute drive its hard to get motivated about driving all the way out there. i try my best to noodle around on a practice pad/thigh/foot at least every other day though


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Almost everyday for between 1-3 hours. Sometimes I'll do that then have a gig or rehearsal after that. I love it.