Who likes what


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I have a DW 5000 and like it. I really like to have a Trick, guess why, but can't afford it at this time.


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i have a dw4000. i don't think it's all that good but it was cheap. it works well enough. been thinking about upgrading at some point, though.


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I started out using the Ludwig Speed King... was VERY happy indeed until I went to a double bass set up.. then switched to the standard Tama pedals... I think I'd switch back to the speed kind if I could find a pair somewhere.


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I love my Pearl Eliminator single pedal! Searching for a double in that version or maybe one in the gibraltar line!!


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I really like the Trick Pro-1V bigfoot. I also really like my Axis double, but the Trick really does perform better. Less fatigue at the end of the night is ALWAYS a bonus!