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Hi guys,

I'm new here and I own a site dedicated to Peavey Drums.

Enough slagging off already. Not the pos that they produce today but the Radial Pro Kits Produced from 1994 to the early 2000's


Remember, you listen with your ears, not your eyes. Then make your comments.



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we used to have a set in a studio I owned a few years ago.
They were not bad. I don't remember anything particularly outstanding about them, though they might have been a little louder than the Ludwigs they replaced. I didn't find them difficult to work with.

I guess they're no longer in production?
Didn't Bobby Rock plays those for a while?


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These were featured in Modern DRummer review about 7 or 8 years ago if I remember right. They were very well made, but did not catch on. I thought they had been discontinued.


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A theatre i have played at has a set of them. They sound alright, of course they have not been kept in tune or anything, with a kwik tuning they sounded pretty good.


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NG1284":1yovfcka said:

Is that the set? I thought they looked pretty sweet and sounded nice.

Btw, I dunno who that is, but he's a really fun drummer.
Damn, that's a great drummer aswell!! Check out this one, same kit, different great drummer!


Like the sound of the kit and the looks even more, but then the black one in the pic above. I bet with sanded aluminium hardware that thing looks mean, like some sort of furturistic mean looking drumming machine :p


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Nice. I've never heard of them, but I think they sound great. They look a little out there, but the sound is what your going for anyway.
we had a crappy music store in our town many years ago we called the 'peavey hut' because that's pretty much all they carried... guitars, amps, basses... everything... peavey...

they got these in and i thought they were uglier than hell.

played a set once and didn't think they were anything special.