Who do you like better??


  • Neil Peart

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  • John Bonham

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Had to be Bonham for me.

He was and still is a huge influence on me and thousands of other players too.

Of course im not saying that Peart isnt awesome as well, but personally I like Bonzo better.


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John Bonham...but Peart is good too,especially that he was influenced by Bonham...
Man when every time I hear that intro into good times bad times...it almost make me cry...and it was freaking '68th...I am so sory that guy isn't alive...he would make miracules in 80's and 90's...he always had the greatest groov,but about '78 he just have started to polish his tehnique...if you just watch DVD how the west was won,you can see Bohnam playing differently in the begining,and on the end...To me he was Hendrix for rock drumming...

Mike T

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I give Credit to 3 Drummers for most influence on Rock Drumming and John Bohnam is one of them,Ginger Baker is another and Carmine Appice is the other Carmine was playing big bass drums (doubles) in Vanilla Fudge in 67,and Ginger Baker defined great drumming in a jam based band Cream,John Bohnam defines that simple is more sometimes and was a great time keeper with inventive fills, between the three of them you can trace it to almost everything you hear today... and sadly i only hear the people on this forum talk once in awhile about Bohnam and never the other two..


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Neil Peart is winning yet I'm the first Peart fan to post my reasoning. Honestly, I actually gain more influence from Bonham than Peart, but Bonham is more of a straight forward smasher. Granted he's the best "straight forward smasher" I've ever heard, but that's more of a specialty to me. But, I'll say this much...Neil Peart has had nearly 30 more years to hone his skill than Bonham.

This poll would have been a lot more interesting if it was Bonham vs. Moon.

Johnny Cat

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Keith Moon vs. Neil Peart would be interesting.

One is chaotic organization, the other is organized chaos.


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I appreciate Bohnam and I love his groove, he really cemented that from the bass drum up style, but he is one of the few drummers that I like the music of his band more than his playing, same thing for Moon as well.

I've always thought Peart had a much more classical mentallity and truly composed his drum parts, with the exception of maybe some stuff off of "caress of steal" I've never heard anything that I thought wasn't brilliantly connected to and sympathetic to the part of the song he was playing.