Who do they play with?


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Can I make a simple request? Could you please list the band(s) drummers play with when they are listed here? I recognise the big names (and the older ones) but alot of people that are listed here I've never heard of. If you think that a certain disc of them is great I'd love to hear it too. I haven't kept up on alot of the newer drummers lately. I'm sure there are others like me that wouldn't mind checking out some new stuff. I had to take a bit of a break. (Got married, bought a house, had a kid.) I'm always looking for new stuff to check out. Thanx!


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hehehe this is fun i would love to help but you have to be more spesific.... i mean do u like rock or jazz or prog or funk or fusion..... a general heads up of a few modern good drummers are as follows(imho)

mike mangini - steve vai and extreme(90's rock :p)
carter beauford - Dave Mathews band (hes fucking awesome)
tony royster jr. - solo fusion and with his band inspiried i think???
mike portnoy - DT
ronald bruner jr. - plays solo and also with stanley clark i think
terry bozzio - lol just for a laugh :) (ex zappa)
thomas pridgen - marz volta (ex gospel drummer)
chris pennie - Coheed and Cambria (ex dillinja escape plan)
gavin harrison - Porcupine tree (ex loads of bands lol incognito :p)
david garibaldi - tower of power

thats about it for this time of night and just off the top of my head

hope it helps :D


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Thanx for the list. I just mean in general. Drummers like Potney,Bozzio, & garibaldi I've heard of. Like I mentioned If someone doesn't recignize the name it would be cool if you are a fan to list a recording that best shows why you like them. Let's say someone like Bonham. I would say to check out Presence. Something like Achilles and Nobody's Fault. Not as popular as what everyone else list since it's not one of their more popular recordings. Damn I'm long winded tonite.

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It would be a good habit to post a link or video of whoever you're talking about so people who haven't heard of them can check it out